New jersey tax aide e file
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New Jersey Tax-Aide E-file. Gary Broughton Technology Specialist. What went well?. New Jersey electronic returns up 23% North Atlantic region up 2% National down 8% Productivity up for all districts All districts >40% e-file Eight districts >80% e-file

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Presentation Transcript
New jersey tax aide e file

New Jersey Tax-Aide E-file

Gary Broughton

Technology Specialist

What went well
What went well?

  • New Jersey electronic returns up 23%

    • North Atlantic region up 2%

    • National down 8%

  • Productivity up for all districts

    • All districts >40% e-file

    • Eight districts >80% e-file

  • Data retention (100% of EROs participate)

What could be done better
What could be done better?

  • Efficient use of equipment

  • Counting returns

    • AARP and IRS differences

    • TaxWise and IRS differences

  • Use of Standard Site Model

  • Use of TaxWise clone

Standard site model
Standard Site Model

  • Returns are prepared only at active sites

  • Each e-file site has an EFIN

  • An EFIN is used to prepare returns only for the site where it is registered

  • EFCs provide returns to the ERO transmitting for the site where they were prepared

  • Computers used at more than 1 site change Setup Options to match site EFIN

Standard site model exceptions
Standard Site Model Exceptions

  • An EFIN may be used to prepare returns at a secondary site

    • Open not more than a week a year

  • The practice of e-filing at low volume sites is discouraged. EFINs are not normally obtained and software is not purchased for sites expected to produce fewer than 35 accepted e-files.

Challenges opportunities
Challenges & Opportunities

  • Equipment to support expansion

  • Equipment aging

  • Computer software updates

  • Network printing using printer sharing

  • Vista & Windows 7 transition and support

  • TaxWise Online

Tax year 2009 changes
Tax year 2009 changes

  • IRS: All returns may be retained without individual authorization

  • TaxWise: EFIN Authentication

  • AARP –

    • New vendor for printer cartridges, printer repairs & flash drives

    • Revised TrueCrypt installer

    • Revised TPClear [later]

    • Technology Management Guide: electronic distribution only

  • New Jersey Tax-Aide

    • Equipment

      • Additional laptops [10] and printers [5] from AARP

      • Additional laptops [2] and network printers [3] from Bergen donation

      • Additional network printers [5] from NJ donated funds

    • TaxWise Online

    • One Supersite

Efin authentication
EFIN Authentication

  • Concept: Carry forward will be limited to returns prepared with an EFIN which is also active in 2009

  • Impact: Unknown until we learn the details of how this is implemented


  • Replacement cartridges for specified printers

  • Repair/replacement of specified printers

  • Flash drives [probably above discount]

  • TC email request to TCS [ADS alternate]

  • Can be shipped directly to end user

  • Volunteers will not be reimbursed for cartridges available through the contract

Equipment allocation to nj
Equipment Allocation to NJ

  • Category 1: replace inoperable equipment

    • 6 laptops [for 5 desktops & 1 laptop]

    • 3 printers

  • Category 2: discretionary

    • 4 laptops

    • 2 printers [network]

Equipment allocation within nj
Equipment Allocation within NJ

  • Goal: 80% e-file in each district

  • District requests

  • Considerations

    • Begin e-file at large sites

    • Increase e-files at large sites

    • Laptop efficiency

    • Discretionary funds

Taxwise online
TaxWise Online

  • Tax returns prepared on encrypted web site

  • All taxpayer data stored on TaxWise server

  • Computers require no encryption or tax preparation software

  • Wired connection between computer and broadband internet


Looking ahead
Looking ahead -

  • E-file clients with paper returns [23%]

  • E-file the growth from additional clients [11% per year]

  • Assume AARP replaces defective equipment

  • Opportunities

    • Loans and donations

    • More productivity from existing equipment and volunteers

Places to look
Places to look

  • Site operations

    • Hours/shifts per day & days per week

    • Consolidate sites => more counselors per site

    • Eliminate dead time and distractions

    • Scheduling and matching clients to counselors

  • Equipment

    • Assign to individual or site?

  • Metrics

Efficiency exercise
Efficiency Exercise

  • What can be done in your district to produce at least 10% more e-files than last season?

    • Same number of volunteers

    • Same equipment

  • Discuss for ~30 minutes

  • After break, share your plans

Quality review of e files

Quality Review of E-files

Accurate returns and minimizing rejects

What s important
What’s Important?

  • Anything and everything that affects the accuracy of the return

  • The same things that are important if the return were prepared on paper

  • A few extra things unique to e-filing

What s different
What’s Different?

  • TaxWise diagnostic

  • IRS Acknowledgement [Accept/Reject]

Taxwise diagnostic
TaxWise Diagnostic

  • Diagnostic must be passed to e-file Federal and state

  • Verifies entries needed to e-file are complete

  • Does not verify that all data required for the taxpayer is entered

  • Does not verify that any data entered is correct

Irs accept reject
IRS Accept/Reject

  • Checks accuracy of some entries

  • Checks if taxpayers and dependents are listed on tax returns already filed

  • Does not verify that all data required for the taxpayer is entered

  • Does not verify that any amounts entered are correct

What does the qr need to check
What does the QR need to check?

  • All data required for the taxpayer is entered

  • Data entered is correct

  • A few extras for e-filing

    • EIN

    • Direct deposit

Options for qr of e files
Options for QR of e-files

Using Intake Sheet & taxpayer documents, with access to taxpayer and preparer

  • At the preparer’s computer

  • Print the return and review paper copy

    • Include summaries of W-2, 1099-R, . . . .

  • At a different computer

    All of the above are acceptable.

Who does the qr
Who does the QR?

  • Required: Counselor certified to complete the return [tax year, amended, other states]

  • Recommended:

    • Dedicated QR

    • Additional QR training

      • For non-EFC to do QR on e-file


  • Continued good e-file progress last year

  • Narrowing spectrum of e-file implementation among districts

  • Equipment

    • Efficiency improvements

    • Partnerships/donations