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Famous Ohioans

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Famous Ohioans. By Kasie Young ED 417-02. Social Studies. Third Grade Class Ohio History: Famous People born and/or raised in Ohio. Objectives. Students will research famous Ohioans Students will learn about inventions Ohioans made

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famous ohioans

Famous Ohioans

By Kasie Young

ED 417-02

social studies

Social Studies

Third Grade Class

Ohio History:

Famous People born and/or raised in Ohio

  • Students will research famous Ohioans
  • Students will learn about inventions Ohioans made
  • Students will present information that they collected about their chosen famous person
  • Students will replicate a famous Ohio invention
helpful websites
Helpful Websites
  • www.50states.com/bio/ohio.htm
  • new.oplin.org/famousohioans
  • www.ohiokids.org/games/midfam.shtml
  • http://inventors.about.com/library/bl_by_state_inventors.htm
  • http://www.potamusplace.net
materials needed
Materials Needed
  • Computers
  • Encyclopedias
  • Poster Boards
  • Markers
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Fabric
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Famous Ohioans worksheet
student activities
Student Activities
  • Students will get into pairs.
  • Students will be sign up to research famous people from Ohio.
  • Students will be given time to research their person via internet or encyclopedia
  • Students will make a poster and present on their person
  • Students will find literature written by or about their person
  • Students will make a replica of the Wright Flyer out of popsicle sticks and fabric
why are these people famous
Why are these people famous?

Warren Harding

Clark Gable

Wilbur and Orville Wright

Neil Armstrong

match the famous person to what they re known for click on name if you re unsure
Charles Kettering

Neil Armstrong

Wright Brothers

Thomas Edison

Doris Day

James Garfield

Dean Martin



Actress/ Singer

Invented the first motor


Invented the electricity

Made the first airplane

Match the famous person to what they’re known for! (click on name if you’re unsure)
orville and wilbur wright
Orville and Wilbur Wright
  • Lived in Dayton, Ohio
  • Crafted the first “flying machine”
  • Orville built and ran his own print shop with his brother’s help
  • They also opened a bicycle repair shop
  • Powered and sustained first flight in 1903
  • Invented air controls to navigate flying machine
  • Their machine was called the “Wright Flyer”
charles f kettering
Charles F. Kettering
  • Born in Loudonville, Ohio
  • Degree in electrical engineering from OSU
  • Invented all electric starting ignition for cars
  • Invented lighting system for cars
  • Also patented an incubator for infants
clark gable
Clark Gable
  • Born in Cadiz, Ohio
  • Won an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1934
  • Starred in over 15 films in 12 years.
  • Most famous films were It Happened One Night and Gone With the Wind
thomas edison
Thomas Edison
  • Born in Milan, Ohio
  • Invented phonograph and the light bulb
  • Created the

first research


james garfield
James Garfield
  • Born in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
  • Served in House of Representatives
  • Twentieth President of the United States (Republican)
  • Was shot after serving only 4 months as President
neil armstrong
Neil Armstrong
  • Born in Wapakoneta, Ohio
  • American astronaut
  • Test pilot
  • First person to set foot on the moon
  • Mission commander of Apollo 11
put the famous people we ve looked at in chronological order






Dean Martin

James Garfield

Doris Day

Neil Armstrong

Wright Brothers

Thomas Edison

Put the famous people we’ve looked at in chronological order!
things to find out while researching
Things to find out while researching…
  • What part of Ohio are they from?
  • When were they born?
  • Why are they famous?
  • Were they married?
  • Did they have children?
  • Education?
  • If they were inventors, how do their inventions help us today?

** Remember to put this information on your poster!!**

literature ideas
Literature Ideas
  • Biography or Autobiography
  • Articles
  • Books
  • Magazines
let s make a wright flyer
Let’s make a Wright Flyer!!!

See if you can construct a Wright Flyer out of your popsicle sticks and fabric.

Will it fly?

pick one famous person other than the one you chose and answer the following questions
Pick one famous person other than the one you chose and answer the following questions.
  • Why are they famous?
  • How have they effected us/ Ohio?
  • One thing you remember about them…(other than why they are famous)