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By: Xaveria Akon

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By: Xaveria Akon
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  1. By: Xaveria Akon

  2. Background Check Facebook was founded by Mark Zukerberg. • A former-Harvard student. • He was assisted by two former-Harvard students: • Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. • Zukerberg and Moskovitz later dropped out of college to run Facebook full-time.

  3. Facebook is a social network designed to keep in contact with old and new friends. • You may also connect with people living in the same area that you reside. • Its keeps all your friends and family up-to-date with all the crazy things that are happening in your life. • You can plan event events and send out invitations to everyone that you want to join along.

  4. This website became so popular that in October 2010, it became a movie “The Social Network”. • Yet no one that founded the website was apart of the movie process. • Facebook is one of the biggest social networks, besides Twitter, in the 21st century.

  5. Facebook lets you voice your opinion about anything, no matter the subject. • Facebook has over 750 million active users. • You can have video blogs, add friends from across the country, and IM (instant messaging). • You can befriend people that have the same common interest as you do.

  6. You can give background information about yourself to others through your profile. • Facebook lets you express yourself through “Notes” that you may tag your friends and family; therefore, everyone can read them. • It also lets you show off your editing skills from different photo website like Picnik. • Examples are on the previous slides.

  7. If you get really bored on the internet, Facebook lets you play games while chatting with your friends. • It lets you see all the new friends that other friends have added. Maybe you will add them too. • A lot of artists, football//basketball players, and actors have Facebook pages.

  8. Some people become “Facebook junkies”. • They get a natural high from logging in and having 15+ notifications. • Older people try to find soul mates, so it becomes a dating site that they just have to log into. • They have to get to the next level on certain games.