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Sudbury Lawn Cremation Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Sudbury Lawn Cremation Services

Sudbury Lawn Cremation Services

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Sudbury Lawn Cremation Services

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  1. Sudbury Lawn Cremation Services Partnership with the Lougheed Funeral Home

  2. Welcome to Lougheed Park Lawn Sudbury Cremation Services For the first time ever, you can arrange a Sudbury cremation right at Sudbury's only Crematorium. Now in partnership with the Lougheed Funeral Home you can deal directly at the crematorium - No middleman.  Lougheed Park Lawn Sudbury Cremation Services will provide the most affordable simple direct cremation services right on site.  It is the first time a deceased can be taken directly from the place of death to the Crematorium.  Sudbury has only One crematorium used by all local funeral establishments.  Now instead of going through a local funeral home or another transfer service, you can cut out the middleman and deal with our simple cremation experts at the crematorium. LougheedPark Lawn Sudbury Cremation Services offers families of all faiths, burial and direct cremation services to follow through on their loved ones wishes.

  3. About Sudbury Park Lawn Cremation Service What makes our firm better than another? For that matter, what things can we identify as the essentials of any company worth doing business with? Here are the things we know about our company that make us uniquely-suited to care for your loved one and your family. Certainly, we consider ourselves to be an exemplary business, and we've identified four things that make us stand out: ambition to be the best; a shared, focused, and relentless attention to excellence in all we do, and the deep-seeded inspiration to continually seek innovative, exciting, and meaningful ways to support grieving families. We invite you to read further, where you'll learn more about our company: the unique qualities of our vision, our staff, and our services.

  4. Grief and Bereavement Who ever said being human is easy? Certainly, life can bring both joy and sorrow; and no one remains a stranger to the complexities of grief and bereavement for very long. Naturally, we're all familiar with grief; it almost doesn't matter how young you are–dealing with loss can begin early. There are hidden losses in childhood: divorce, moving to a new community or school; even the loss of innocence. And then there's the childhood experience of death: either the death of a beloved family member, close friend, or pet. Then in adulthood, layer upon layer of losses can continue to wear us down, punctuated by the grief we know as bereavement, brought on by the loss of parents, siblings and friends. Understanding Grief: When someone asks about grief, we describe it as a complex tangle of emotional, intellectual and physical reactions to loss. We also talk of the value of understanding grief; its qualities, effects, and its benefits. Coping with Grief: Coping with grief takes its toll. Not only can it break our hearts, it can cause us to question our core beliefs and values. It can make us feel lost in our own lives

  5. Contact Us When it comes time to care for a deceased loved one, you may feel overwhelmed and confused about the next steps and options. Our funeral home staff members are here and ready to help. If you would like a simple direct cremation, with transfer from place of death directly to the crematorium, contact us. Simply contact us at (705)586-2449. Or, if your need is not immediate, drop us an email using the contact form below. 379 Horobin Street , P.O. Box 967 Stn B Sudbury, ON P3E 4S4 Phone: (705)586-2449 Fax: 705-675-1329 Email: