Creating Your Endless Names List
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Creating Your Endless Names List. Four Activities for Making Money in Relationship Marketing. Fundamentals: The Low Hanging Fruit Memory Jogger Cell Phones Yellow Pages This will become a staple of your Business!!!!. A Few Do’s and Don’ts Write it down Don’t Prejudge

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  • Fundamentals: The Low

  • Hanging Fruit

    • Memory Jogger

    • Cell Phones

    • Yellow Pages

    • This will become a staple of your

    • Business!!!!

  • A Few Do’s and Don’ts

    • Write it down

    • Don’t Prejudge

    • Keep it with you

    • Make it as large as possible, but narrow it to a manageable number

      • Group your prospects

      • Prioritize your prospects


First Priority:Warm Market within driving

Warm Market out of driving

Second Priority:

Luke Warm w/i driving

Luke Warm out of driving

Third Priority:

Cold market w/i driving

Cold market out of driving


1.8 Billion People Actively Text Daily Worldwide

For every 1 computer sold – 4 million cell phones are sold


  • Average length of time before text is read is 15 minutes … email is 2 days

  • Average response rate text marketing is 17% … email is less then 1%

  • Text is OPT IN not OPT OUT … Customer Control

How do you make your

names list endless?

It’s not Networking, It’s Living!

It’s not About You! Everyone knows 250



History doing network marketing before

Where most successful

Where did you stumble

What do you do in your spare time



What does your community have to offer

Weekly business gatherings

How much time do you have to spend on this?

If you were to create a list of people over whom

you have influence, or people who if you

picked up the phone, they would call

you answer it or call you back, where

would you begin?

Colleagues at work

Clubs or social settings

Kid’s or grandkid’s relationships

Church friends

What are you passionate about






Family activities

What are the people you have influence

over passionate about

How much time do they and you

have to devote to this

Are you comfortable on computers

Social Media



Linked in


Geographic locations where contacts are

Address Books

Memory Jogger

Adding Value…

If your telling, you’re not selling!

80/20 Rule

Won’t hang up if they’re talking

Won’t disengage it about them

In Groups, Focus on 3-5 People

Two Feel Good Questions:

How did you get started in the _____ biz?

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

NOT: Who do you know that might be interested?


Write down who you talked to

Contact them to help them!

Only when you feel you have earned the right to show them your business, pull the trigger!

If They Themsleves are Not Interested,

Grow with Their People


Tools to Bring for Contacting

Tools regarding the product

To study the science, review the product information available at and

LA44 - MonaVie Scientific Advisory Board,

LDMV02 - Science Of A Superfruit DVD

Product borchures.

Tools Regarding the Company

Study the Success From Home Magazine featuring Monavie.

Relevant Legacy audios include:

LA26, Dallin Larsen - My MonaVie Vision

LA19, Henry Marsh, MonaVie Co-Founder - My Story

LA14, Jeff Graham - MonaVie, Why We Are The Best

LA43, Dell Brown - MonaVie Moving Forward

LA35, Randy Larsen - Be the Blessing

Tools Regarding the Industry

Study the industry by reading trade publications (i.e: and books from Legacy endorsing the industry:

LA33, Kiyosaki - The Business of the 21st Century

LA09, Kiyosaki - The Perfect Business

LA08, Paul Pilzer - The Next Millionaires

LA07, Jim Rohn's Building Your Network Marketing Business

LB23 - The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy

Tools for Self Improvement

1. You will learn as you build.

2. The "Law of Averages" says you must get "no's" to get your "yes's". Keep in mind you only need 3!!!

3. Investing in yourself is not an option.

Become a Legacy Group member and listen to the audios, read the articles, participate in the conference calls and events.

Recommended reading:

LB12, The Slight Edge

LB04, The Magic of Thinking Big

LB05, Read & Get Rich

LA41, Be A Conduit to a System (CD)