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SaaS Value by McAfee and [Partner]

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SaaS Value by McAfee and [Partner]. Presenter’s Name Presenter’s Title. Agenda. The State of Malware Why Your Business is at Risk The McAfee/[Partner] Advantage Competitive advantages of Email Protection Competitive advantages of Web Protection Competitive advantages of Email Archiving

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saas value by mcafee and partner

SaaS Value by McAfee and [Partner]

Presenter’s Name

Presenter’s Title

  • The State of Malware
  • Why Your Business is at Risk
  • The McAfee/[Partner] Advantage
  • Competitive advantages of Email Protection
  • Competitive advantages of Web Protection
  • Competitive advantages of Email Archiving
  • Product Demo
  • Questions?

The problem persists

McAfee Labs foresees an increase in threats related to social networking sites, banking security, and botnets as well as attacks targeting users, businesses and applications.

- McAfee Labs; 2010 Threat Prediction

Organizations worldwide lost approximately $1 trillion in

intellectual property last year due to cybercrime

- McAfee Labs

the state of malware
The state of malware
  • Threats are constantly evolving
    • Email exploits web and vice versa – resulting in 640,000 Infected sites
    • Clickless infection rates increasing
  • Spam is increasing
    • 210 Billion spam emails sent daily;
    • Spam accounts for over 80% of email traffic
    • 1 in 6 people open spam email (MAAWG) and 3 in 6 people make a purchase
  • Phishing attacks and drive-by malware are up
  • Phishing is moving from email to web-borne vectors

****On March 9, 2010 Spam Levels were 85.45 percent****

the big picture of malware
The big picture of malware

More Malware Variations

Less Detectable Threats

Web 2.0

Will be the catalyst

Attack Target

Users vs. Machines

why your business is at risk
Why your business is at risk
  • Increased corporate messaging costs
    • Malware is consuming precious bandwidth and storage resources
  • Decreased IT staff and employee productivity
    • Constant updates, maintenance and signatures bog down IT staff, less time spent on strategy
    • Help Desk spends 25% of their time on avoidable malware issues
    • Unauthorized web surfing wastes company time
  • Potential for legal liability
    • Inappropriate content and attachments such as sexual harassment, personal information, violent acts, etc.
    • Spyware and keylogger software are stealthily capturing confidential information

70% of a company‘s

bandwidth is consumed

by non-work related surfing

More than 60% of online purchases are made during the workday

70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs during the workday

mcafee and partner name smart partnership
McAfee and [Partner Name]: Smart Partnership

McAfee offers the most comprehensive SaaS network security portfolio available

[Partner] provides unmatched technical service and support

Together, our partnership helps businesses of all sizes to maintain a healthy network through:

Easy-to-use and administer email, web and archiving solutions

Part of the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Network

Built on a full scalable multi-tenant platform

The end result is a more secure network, increased employee productivity, and less wasted assets

one team to deliver leading saas solutions
One team to deliver leading SaaS solutions
  • [Partner] and McAfee are strongly positioned to deliver email, web and archiving Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) defined
    • Security controls that are available by subscription that is managed and delivered over the internet.
  • Security SaaS Advantages
    • Speed and cost of deployment and management minimized
    • Scalability and security of application maximized
    • Pushes integration and interoperability complexities to the Cloud
    • Application quality rises with economies of provider scale and scope
  • SaaS Advantages
  • No hardware or software to buy
  • Keeps malware outside network
  • Scalable
  • Operating expense
  • No ongoing maintenance costs
  • No upgrades or maintenance
  • Capacity is on-demand
  • Reduces bandwidth, storage costs
  • Low monthly subscription fee
  • IT staff is free to do other duties
  • Removes the MX record broadcast, shielding your network
  • Provides benefits for both SME and large enterprise
  • Monitored 24 x 7
saas product portfolio
SaaS Product Portfolio

Comprehensive solution suite that is easily administered through a single management control Web console

  • Leading SaaS Services
    • Email Protection Service
    • Web Protection Service
    • Email Message Archiving
    • Message Continuity
  • Comprehensive Bundles
    • Complete Security
    • Email Security & Archiving
    • Email & Web Security
benefits of great email protection
Benefits of great email protection
  • Easy activation, administration and use
    • Less IT maintenance and support
    • One-hour implementation
  • Affordable service packages
  • Effective multilayered defense against a wide range of email threats
    • Catch rate 99.7% and false positive ratio .002 % (VeriTest independent study)
    • Real time updates to spam and virus signatures
  • Greater Uptime Performance
    • 99.999% guaranteed uptime
    • Fully redundant SAS70 certified data centers, horizontally scalable infrastructure
  • Critical Disaster Recovery
    • Access and use of email during outages, and protects the business from email loss.


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mcafee saas email protection service
McAfee® SaaS Email Protection Service
  • Protect your email network within minutes
    • Spam, viruses, worms, phishing threats are blocked outside the network
    • No integration or migration required
    • Activation with a simple MX record redirection
  • Increase productivity
    • Effectively blocks 99.7% of spam
    • Less threats mean less desktop cleanup and maintenance
    • Sophisticated quarantine and management at the end-user level
    • Automatic updates
  • Advanced Technology
    • Built on patented Stacked Classification Framework®
    • A combination of virus and worm protection
    • MX record masking conceals mail servers
      • denial of service attacks,
      • dictionary harvest attacks and
      • mail bombs
    • Bandwidth Reduction
unique multiple layers of email filtering
Unique multiple layers of email filtering
  • Statistical filtering
  • Industry heuristics
  • Proprietary heuristics
  • Reputation analysis
  • Reputation-based RBL filtering
  • Premium Anti-Spam Multi-Language Filter
  • Deep Content Analysis
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Protection
  • Directory Harvest Attack (DHA) Protection



  • Domain level black-and-white lists
  • Distributed black lists
  • Recipient deny lists
  • User-level black-and-white lists
  • Back Scatter Abatement
  • McAfee’s proprietary WormTraqSM, worm detection engine
  • McAfee® Anti-virus
  • Sophos® Anti-virus
  • Authentium® Anti-virus
  • Keyword filtering
  • Attachment filtering
  • Archive file integrity filtering
  • HTML content protection
  • Fraud protection
  • Spam beacon and web bug detection and blocking

TLS= Transport Layer Security

necessary email disaster recovery

Protection for Information Loss

    • Planned Outage of Email Server
    • Unplanned Outage of Email Server
Necessary email disaster recovery
  • FailSafe
    • email spooling protection for businesses in the event they lose network connectivity or must perform manual network maintenance.
  • Message Continuity
    • provides access and use of email during outages, and protects the business from email loss.
benefits of great web protection
Benefits of great web protection
  • Prevent malware from infecting PCs from web activity
  • Increase network capacity by limiting access to bandwidth-intensive use
  • Limit corporate liability due to employee access to inappropriate content
  • Create a safer Internet experience
  • Reduce business disruption
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Protect corporate data
web protection service architecture






Web Protection Service Architecture

WPS Content Control

WPS Total Control

WPS Threat Control


Web Protection




Page Warning

Allowed Content Request

Blocked Malware Delivery

Blocked Content Request

Complete Web Protection Service

Screen Shots

benefits of great email archiving
Benefits of great email archiving
  • Reduce legal exposure with email archiving
  • Real-time data as opposed to point-in-time backups
  • Advanced search options and fast, accurate information retrieval
  • More secure offsite archiving
  • Simple, self-service for end users
  • Supports regulatory compliance and e-Discovery
  • Promotes business continuity
  • Reduces IT workload
    • Improved Quota Management
    • Improved Email Server Performance
mcafee email archiving service
McAfee® Email Archiving Service

Storage & Continuity

Consolidate PSTs, securing company knowledge

Control the Exchange storage footprint

Search within attachments that Outlook can’t

Perform message restores in seconds

Enhance business continuity

  • “Now I have the flexibility to roll data off of Exchange sooner, knowing that everything is available in my archive at McAfee.” - IT Manager
email archiving service architecture
Email Archiving Service Architecture

Customer Email Server





Screen Shots