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Obama federal student loan forgiveness

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Obama federal student loan forgiveness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In order to consolidate the Federal student loans, every borrower must first enquire about the customer service and the information before zeroing onto an affordable repayment plan.To know more visit at

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In America, almost 40 per cent of the students graduate with a federal student loan debt. Of them, 90 percent have to wait till the 10th year to clear the loan debt completely without scoring a credit fault. The average debt burden borne by the student passing from a two-year course in America is a massive USD 7000.
With the announcement of the Obama Student Loan forgiveness scheme, the amnesty available to every American student is a healthy one. They can now balance their educational ambition without being downed by the burden of inflating academic costs and rising tuition fees. The Student loan forgiveness program is a healthy initiative that curbs the accumulation of the debts by giving a spread-over term of more than 20 years. For public servants, the term is discounted to 10 years beyond which they are no longer required to pay a single penny back the federal loan lenders.
How much debt is channeled from Federal Student Loans?

For decades, the federal student loans crushed the economy with its increasing defaulters list. The overload was passed on to the exiting taxpayers who felt that they were financing the education for no reason. The students reeling under debt either left education or grabbed a miniscule task to pay back the loan in paltry interest. The Federal government had no option other than declaring such loan clients as defaults.

The student loans contribute to more than USD 1.2 trillion. Of these, more than USD 1 trillion is directed from the Federal quota. In order to cover up the deficit, the Students funds are diverted from the Retirement plans, Credit card debts and even parent borrowing schemes. The Obama Student Loan forgiveness plan was introduced to buffer the existing tax system from unnecessarily pushed to fill debt deficits in the country.
What are the current interest rates: Are they linked to market!

Yes. The current rates are market-driven. In a competitive display of smartness and best practices, the Federal Student loans programs have linked all their interest rates to the market. This will allow the students to consolidate federal loans accordingly. It will also ensure a consistent interest rate for over 25 years. The current rates are hovering around 3.8 percent. The earlier interest rate was an excruciatingly high chart of 6.8 percent. The capped rate has been placed at 8.25 percent to buffer the federal loan providers and clients from being affected by the market trends.

What this revision means?

The average Federal loan sum in America is standardized at USD 26,000. The total cost of this Federal loan sum for over 10 years is close to USD 38,600. The interest derived in each month from the loan sum is USD 320. The debt cost saves family expenditure and can be directed at buying assets like car, property and starting a business. The revision in the interest rates is a superior medium to boost self-dependence and bring in quality of education into life.

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