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  1. By Monica KabBadi

  2. introduction... • Kabbadi! That is my sport! Kabbadi originated in India but is now played all over the world! Kabbadi is a human contact sport. There are not very many rules to a kabbadi game. There are 7 officials supervising a match. One referee, 2 umpires,2 linemen, a timekeeper, and a scorer. Kabbadi is a very intense sport with many fun points!

  3. Where it’s played........ • Kabbadi is played mainly in Asia. India and it’s surrounding countries are very big on this sport. India is the founder of this sport. It originated there. From the North to the South everyone knows the name of this game! India used to be the only country that played but now there are world championships! Many people play this game! Kabbadi is played mainly for the fun of the competition! You don't win anything only medals!

  4. Kabbadi’s History..... • Kabbadi originated in India. It can be traced to nearly pre-historic decades! Kabbadi was first made to bring up the strength and speed in young men. Also to teach men about self defence. To play a good match of kabbadi you must be fast and strong. You must be those things because when you try to grab your teammate, without slipping over the line you will have to hold onto him/her. To many Indians Kabbadi has religious and mythological meanings. People believe that in battles gods would play Kabbadi to settle scores. • Did you know? Kabbadi is the hindu world for holding your breath

  5. How to play..... • Gather 14-24 people • Find a grass patch or a court of any kind • Sort the people into two teams of equal numbers • Draw or make a line separating the court or grass into two equal sections • Flip a coin or just agree on a team to go first • Each team chooses a raider • The starting team sends their raider off • The raider will charge across the line and take a big breath • The raider will chant kabbadi-kabbadi-kabbadi-kabbadi • The raider will attempt to touch one of the members of the opposing team and run back across the line without getting captured • It will narrow down to one on one or one team against one • The next raider will hopefully win the point and their team will win the match! • If the entire team gets out then the opposing team will get a 2 point bonus called a lona.

  6. Game play.... • 2 teams of equal numbers • 12 on a team • 7 on at once 5 sit out for different shifts • The charging team picks one “raider • They must take a breath and the at full speed run across the line to the opposing teams side chanting kabbadi-kabbadi-kabbadi • The opposing team tries to capture the raider and disqualify him from the game • if the raider takes a breath they are automatically out • The teams take turns sending different raiders onto the other courts • (court is 12.5 by 10 m long. You can also just play on random grass patches)

  7. Equipment...... • The only equipment you need to play kabbadi is a piece of white chalk! Kabbadi is mostly a human contact sport so you really don't need anything other then that! You can just gather a bunch of people on a big piece of random grass and play! No equipment means no clean up!!

  8. bibliography and video • • • • Ajay Nehru (my dad!!) • video •