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Социальные и творческие предприниматели: Европа-Россия

Социальные и творческие предприниматели: Европа-Россия. Видеоконференция между Москвой, Манчестером и Риг ой 4 a вгуст , 2010. This knowledge transfer is carried out thanks to the initiative of British Council in Russia in collaboration with British Council in Latvia.

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Социальные и творческие предприниматели: Европа-Россия

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  1. Социальные и творческие предприниматели: Европа-Россия Видеоконференция между Москвой, Манчестером и Ригой 4 aвгуст, 2010

  2. This knowledge transferis carried outthanks to the initiative of British Councilin Russia in collaboration with British Council in Latvia

  3. GoMap Riga“People ask me – what is GoMap? It will be a social network based on the map interface. We certainly know, GoMap will combine petitions, tweets, newsand public opinion pools of construction works in the city. However, the main, profitable and most requested features are still to come and they will be created in collaboration with developersfrom all over the world.”Kristofs Blaus, the founder of GoMap Riga www.gomap.org

  4. Our mission is your Driving licence. You can get it in the Mobile Driving school. Faster. More Fun. 100% of road traffic regulations in your phone - arranged by topics, conveniently organized and tied to road signs. Find information more quickly than in the book. www.educationmobile.org

  5. Library in the phone. Find out about any historical topic or event. Information is organized so that in a few moments youfind exactly what You were looking for! Small abstracts are prepared by the best history teachers in Latvia. www.mobilavesture.lv

  6. www.znak-life.com The prestigious New York publication, “I.D. Magazine” nominated ZNAK “Tears off” modular wallpaper as one of the best new products in 2008 in its “New and Notable, The Year’s Smartest Products” issue.ZNAK products are available Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Lithuania ZNAK is a design company that, together with the best and brightest young contemporary artists create new design products for interiors and exteriors.

  7. XXI Century KeyboardNew generation data entry device – more than for everyone Invention by former Soviet military engineer (currently living in Latvia) Device fully replaces traditional PC or notebook keyboard and provides better communication opportunities for handicapped (e.g. blind) people based on logic, easy and fast adaptable algorythm fully replaces traditional PC or notebook keyboard suitable for daily IT users and handicapped people compact size (30g; 10x5x0.5cm) easy to integrate indaily and specific ICT devices wide range of control commands distance and remote control

  8. SPĪĶERI – the creative industries hub Spīķeru Quarter is a complex of buildings (former warehouses) between Maskavas, Turgeņeva, and Krasta streets in Riga. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, Spīķeri areas serves as a source for inspiration to the area.

  9. SPĪĶERI – the creative industries hub www.spikeri.lv The Ministry of Culture has repeatedly emphasized that the future of Latvian economy is high-value added manufacturing and creative industries are one of the key development areas.Creative industries are the economic sector, which is located on the cultural and business boundaries.These include architecture, advertising, design, cinema, computer games and interactive software, popular music and the arts, new media, publishing, radio and television, innovative catering and other areas.The creative industry is a tool for quick response to modern demand as a result of new lifestyles and consumption side.

  10. Tips & Tricks for young innovators

  11. Many people look for new opportunities & ideas.And then look for clients who will pay for that. You identify the problem, better if the global one. Find creative solution for it. And make people pay for solving their problems. Be different. Be different.

  12. Potential risks in entrepreneurship Technological risk Market risk Financial planning risk Management risk Each risk is 50% of all business success!

  13. Every business needs.. Technological competence Entrepreneurship competence Marketing competence Finance management competence Juridical competence Other specific competences Can they all may belong to ONE person?

  14. Team Core of successful team: Idea holder Entrepreneur Administrator “Family Man” (shepherd of souls)

  15. Are You able to sell Your idea in 60 seconds? Use Elevator Pitch technique!

  16. Presentation technique I 17 • Elevator Pitch means to use the time the idea author usually has – 60 seconds, to CONVINCE in ~130 words INVESTOR about advantage of investments. • Selling the business not idea! • Topics to include in 60 seconds: • Product • Competitive advantages • Market • Competitors • Business model

  17. Pecha Kucha (in japaneese [pechakcha] – convenient for public performances Convinient to convince collaboration partners Kevery performer has exactly 6 minutes and40 secondsor 20 slides, each 20 sec long. http://www.pecha-kucha.lv Presentation technique II 18

  18. Kawasaki 10-20-30 Title– who you are and what you do Problem – what you offer to solve Solution – what you sell Business model – how you profit Competitive advantage – technology, patent, know how etc. Market and marketing – how you get clients Competitors – how strong they are Team – how you reach it (HR) Financing – how much/ how long/ next steps Current situation– what you have done so far Presentation technique III


  20. WHEN we call it INNOVATION? Creativity is our ability to deliver a new value to customer. Creative ideas become innovation whencustomer says “yes!”

  21. Examples of new products

  22. Ask Yourself – what You have better than Your competitors?

  23. NGO ZINIS Knowledge and Innovation Society Established in June, 2009 as a “spin-off” of state agency Core team: Innovation professionals Mission: Knowledge economy in Latvia Main target groups: • Idea holders and entrepreneurs • Innovation professionals • Planning regions and local authorities

  24. What we do? Training programs for unmployed and start-ups Consultancy at early stage of business idea development Raising up entrepreneurial spirit among society members, esspecially unemployed persons Consultancy for municipalities and planning regions in development of regional innovation systems Revising the development planning documents from innovation perspective

  25. Topics covered by ZINIS experts Concept of innovation and its role in entrepreneurship Innovation culture My and team’s role in development of business idea Effective presentation techniques Innovation support system and tools Generation of innovative business ideas How to protect my business idea Cluster initiatives and development Practical implementation of knowledge economy Regional innovation strategies Simulation games on relevant topics

  26. Contact information Knowledge and Innovation Society Vita Brakovska, Board Member Webpage: www.zinis.lv E-mail: vita.brakovska@zinis.lv Phone: +371 29203533 Fax: +371 67768911 Twitter: biedribaZINIS

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