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The Ambulatory M&A Advisor Introduces the Healthcare Transac PowerPoint Presentation
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The Ambulatory M&A Advisor Introduces the Healthcare Transac

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The Ambulatory M&A Advisor Introduces the Healthcare Transac - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Ambulatory M&A Advisor is proud to announce the launch of the Healthcare Transaction Lawyer Directory website.

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TheAmbulatoryM&AAdvisor IntroducestheHealthcareTransactionLawyerDirectory

TheAmbulatory M&AAdvisor is proud to announce thelaunchof theHealthcare TransactionLawyerDirectory website.

Dallas,Texas,September04, 2014-Thedirectory isawebsitethatisaimedateducating theowner operatorsofhealthcareservicesbusinessesabout theimportant rolethathealthcaretransaction lawyersplay. Thedirectory’sfunctionalitywillservetoconnectthoseownerstothebestand brightest healthcarelawyers.

ThepublisherofTheAmbulatoryM&AAdvisor,BlayneRush,explainsthatthiswebsite,in conjunction with TheAdvisoris,“ourversionofmatchmaking forhealthcaretransactionlawyers and thosethatareinneedofaHCTLorprofessionals that canreferthoseinneed toyou.”

“Networking involvesunderstanding thevaluethatsomeoneprovidesand matching thatvaluewithpeople whoneed it and appreciate it,”hesaid.“Wewanttohelpintroduceyouandotherhealthcaretransaction lawyers toowneroperatorsofoutpatient centersandotherprofessionalsthatarewithin transaction teamssuchashealthcarevaluators,investment bankers,M&Abrokers,healthcare CPAs/accountants,etc.Indoing so,webelievethatyouand otherhealthcaretransactionattorneyswillbeabletohelp solvehealthcarebusinessrelatedchallengesbyusingyourgreatest talents.”

Healthcare transaction lawyersareinvited tocreateafreeprofileonthedirectorysitetobetterbridgethegapbetweenowneroperatorsofASCsand thelikeand attorneys.

“Wehavetremendousrespectfortheroles thathealthcaretransactionattorneys playintheindustryandwewant tohelp promotethem,”Rushsaid.“Whenweworkwithhealthcaretransactionlawyersourjob is that mucheasierand thetransactions gomuchsmoother.”

LawyerscancompletetheirprofileonTheHealthcareTransactionLawyers’Directoryat Thedirectoryprovides profilesof themostrespected andexperiencedhealthcare transaction lawyersinordertoassist inthesearchforthemost qualified inthefield.

Additionally,weaskthatyouhelp spreadthewordabout ourexciting newsiteand inviteotherhealthcaretransaction lawyers tocreatetheirveryownprofiles tobetterconnectwithowner operatorswithinthehealthcarerealm!