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Natural paint colors the cove of carmel PowerPoint Presentation
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Natural paint colors the cove of carmel

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Natural paint colors the cove of carmel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Real Milk Paint Co., with Jon Stuefloten and Eco Carmel, launches new shade, Stillwater Grey.

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Natural PaintColorstheCoveofCarmel

TheRealMilk Paint Co.,with JonStuefloten andEcoCarmel,launches newshade,StillwaterGrey.Hohenwald, TN,October28, 2015-StillwaterGrey,acolorembodying theessenceof theStillwater

Covefog,isthenewestshadeintheRealMilkPaint Co.’scolorchart.

Knownforhisartisticfinesse inhistoricalrestorationwork,JonStuefloten,workingwithKristiReimers,ownerof EcoCarmel,anecologicallysafe store specializing in paint,hardwareand homeitems, wenttooneof theirpreferred products,RealMilkPaint,tocaptureapieceofStillwaterCovewhile working ona projectinPebbleBeach.

Stueflotenand Reimersworked togethertoexpertlymatch thelookand colorofanexistingweathered board fromtheproject.

“Ittookafew takes toget it right and theend resultswereperfect,”saysStuefloten.“Thehue and colorof thephysicalsurroundingswereimportant tocapture. This bodesgreatly toherabilityto workwithcontractorswhodemand perfection. ThusStillwaterGraywas born.It wasajointeffort thattookourbestwork toanew level.”

“Iwassoexcited whenIheardJonwasusingReal MilkPaintforacolorinspired bythefogin theCove”,saysDwayneSiever,ownerofTheRealMilkPaintCompany.“Collaboratingwithsuchatalented artist was great —Jonreallybrought theStillwater Grey tolife.We’reexcited tohaveapieceofCarmel inthecolorchart.”

Stuefloten’sinterest infauxfinishesand hisinclinationto workwithnaturalproducts influencedthecollaborationforthenewhue withTheRealMilkPaintCompany.

“Forme,Real MilkPaint was definitelythewaytogo,”Stueflotenexplained.“Theirproductsare exactlythekind ofpaintand finishesIenjoyworking with — perfect forthebeach-sideprojects.”


Althoughcreated inTennessee,RealMilkPaint exemplifies the Californianwayoflife.Knownfortheir“back-to-basics,”non-toxic,environmentallyhealthymilkpaint,The RealMilkPaintCompanyhasprovidedaneasy,accessiblewaytousehealthy products inyourhome.Thepaintproductsnotonlyaid with cleancarbonemissionsand reducethegreenhouseeffect,but leftoverproduct canalsobeusedasfertilizer.

“We aim toprovideastrong,safeandhealthyproduct forthehome,aswell asforthe environment,”saysSiever.“Familiesaren’tevenawarethat threeyearsafterpainting,youcanstill bebreathing intoxinsfromchemical-basedformulas.It wasimportant toustoprovideaproduct thateliminated thatelement.”

EcoCarmel willbe stocking StillwaterGrey.


Hereareadditional highresolutionphotos

ABOUT US:Inspired byanappreciationfortheenvironment, TheReal MilkPaint®CompanyofferssimplifiedDIYkits torenovateantiqueproducts.Itsearth-friendlypaintscome in54huesand aremade without anyVolatileOrganicCompounds(VOC’s).Providingnon-toxicpaintthat alignswithEPAregulations,Real MilkPaint’sproductsareidealforantiquefurniture,decks,floorsand walls. Itsexclusiveformula providesanauthenticfinishtobelongingsand remainsusableforaminimum ofa two-weekperiod afterbeing mixed withwater.

EDITOR'SNOTE: Formore informationabout TheReal MilkPaintCompanyand toarrangetospeakwithacompanyspokesperson,pleasecontact NancyTrent


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(831) 747-7455