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Multi Inversiones will Achieve Maximum Quality with AuraPort - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Corporacion Multi Inversiones is a multinational corporation and one of the most important corporate groups in Latin America, with presence in three continents.

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Multi inversiones will achieve maximum quality with auraport

MultiInversioneswill AchieveMaximumQualitywithAuraPortalBPM

CorporacionMultiInversiones is amultinational corporationandoneof the mostimportantcorporategroupsinLatinAmerica,withpresenceinthree continents.

Woburn, MA,August05,2014-AURA(,aglobal providerofAuraPortalBusiness ProcessManagement(BPM)software,hasannounced the implementationofAuraPortalatCorporacionMulti Inversiones (CMI), which will allowthecorporation toundertakeacorporate Business ProcessManagementstrategyand todevelop aculturebasedonContinuous Improvement for allcompanies inthegroup.

AuraPortalhasbeendistinguished withgreatadvantageoveritscompetitors byOvuminitsDecisionMatrixreportand byotherrenowned analystfirms.

Tobalancetherapidlyexpanding corporateculture,whichisbased onresponsibilityand business excellence,CMIarepreparing tobuild a business process infrastructurealignedwith the corporation'sstrategicplansand objectives, aimed atoffering theircustomersoptimumproductand servicequality.

CMI'soperationsare structured into sixdivisions:milling (MolinosModernos),fastdiningrestaurants(Pollo Campero),livestockoperations,renewableenergy,realestateand financialservices.

AboutCorporacion MultiInversiones:

CorporacionMultiInversionesisamultinational corporationcomposedofoverthirty thousandemployees,with presenceinthreecontinents.ItbeganoperationsalmostninetyyearsagoinGuatemala, Central America,and todayisoneof themost prominent corporationsinLatinAmerica.

About AURA (

AURAisaglobal BPM (Business ProcessManagement) softwareproviderdelivering asolutionthat creates, withouttheneed ofIT programming,Business ProcessWorkflow ExecutionModels.AuraPortalis100% Web-based,and iscomplementary toexisting ERPandCRMsystems.

AURAhasapresencein40countrieswithmorethan300customersincluding,among others:Walmart,Toyota, General Motors,Pemex(PetroleosMexicanos), Carrefour,ArcelorMittal,PepsiCo,Coca-Cola,Danone,INCAE,Kimberly-Clark,Yamaha,Royal KPN,Bristol-MyersSquibb,etc.,aswellasmanyGovernmentAgenciesand Departmentsinseveral countries.All of thesecustomersbenefit frommaintenancecontracts.

Itisheadquarteredin Europeand hasanexecutivebranchinNorthAmerica(Florida).It alsohas offices inseveral countriesandavastnetworkof partnerswholocallyattendcustomers

Multi inversiones will achieve maximum quality with auraport

throughout theworld.