Max agency press release september 13 2014
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Max Agency has recently welcomed new Toronto Model and Actor including future Toronto high fashion and runway model Helen Rudnicki.

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Max agency press release september 13 2014


MaxAgency has recently welcomednewTorontoModelandActor including future Torontohighfashionandrunway modelHelenRudnicki.

Toronto,ON,September 13,2014 -MaxAgencyhas recentlywelcomed newToronto ModelandActorincluding futureTorontohigh fashion andrunwaymodelHelenRudnicki.I asked Helen whyshe decidedto pursuemodeling andbecomeapartof MAXAgency.

“I thoughtitwould besomethingfun to do. I was alwaystold I should beamodel, I guess that’s whatalltallgirls aretold, so when I was approachedI thoughtitwould besomething fun to try.It’s agreat opportunity.It’s notsomethingeveryonecando or is ableto do so I thoughtI should seewhatit’sallabout. It’s areallyinterestingindustrywith alotof aspects to it.I thoughtitwould beinterestingandcooltogiveitatry.”

Helen is currentlystudyingarcheologyand anthropologyin Universityand I asked herwherehereducation stands in relationto theindustry,whatshehas doneso farand whatsheis doing rightnow tobetterherself as anartist,“I’vebeenlooking intodoing somemoreacting classes butI haven’tfound a placeto study,I’mdoing lots of yogaand I’mthinking of doingsomekickboxingclasses with my sister to spend sometimewith her andstayactive.”

I had thepleasureof conductingthis interview with Helenin person as opposed to overthephoneso Iasked whatbroughther into MAXAgencyon this particular day,“I camein togetsomemeasurementsdoneand somebodyshots so allof myinformationwouldbeup to date.”

Max agency press release september 13 2014

Helen hadher Polaroid photoshootdoneatMAXAgencyand hermeasurements takenand recorded for futurereferenceto beused as atemplatetokeep themodels infoup to date.I asked Helenwhatherother photoshoots havebeen like, “I’veonlydonemy portfolioshootand afew shoots with myfriends. I did anudeshootwith oneof my friends for fun to seehow comfortableI was and whatmylevelof fitness would allow metodo and I’vehad two auditions, oneto playAudreyHepburn and the other was arunwayparodyusing realrunwaymodels.”

In addition to goingto UniversityHelen also works as abartenderand server,“I lovetocook. I’m gluten,rice,egg and dairyfree. I lovecooking andI loveto do yoga.”AftergraduationHelen seesherself gettingin to theraw food industry,“Ihavealotof food restrictions and allergiesand itmademe realizehow unhealthypeoplearein general. I also planto do moremodeling and acting.”

Thepurposeof Helen’s visitto MAXAgencywas particularlyfor considerationfor Internationalsubmissions toexperiencetheindustryfromanother partof theworldso I asked Helenwhereshewouldliketo go,“In theworld I’vealwayslovedto travel. I would loveto go toSouthAmerica.Anywherein theworldexceptfor places thataren’tsaferightnow. I’vealwayswantedto go to Greece. I wouldlovetodo runway,editorial,underwear andVictoriasecretkinds of things. I enjoyedTheTalentShopAcademy.I’vealwayslovedto performand it’s somethingI wouldseriouslyloveto stayinvolvedin.”

Itsounds likethings havebeenprettygood for Helen with MAXAgencyso far, “Things havebeen good. I’vebeensubmittedfor lots of roles, keeping contactis reallygood. I’mexcitedto keep goingand seewhereitgoes.”

MAXAgency’s Bookers arecurrentlylookingfor newTalent!If youareinterested wehighlyrecommend visitingmaxagency.comandfillingoutanApplication.WishingMAX continued successin theindustrywe’relookingforward to futurepress releases featuring individualtalentand projectsand findingoutmoreaboutMAX!


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