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MAX Agency Press Release - September 04, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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MAX Agency Press Release - September 04, 2014

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MAX Agency Press Release - September 04, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MAX Agency has met and recruited Toronto Models and Toronto Actors from all walks of life. We spoke with Myles Deck, a Toronto MAX Talent.

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MAX Agency Press Release - September 04, 2014

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MAXAgencyPressRelease- September04, 2014

MAXAgency has metandrecruitedTorontoModelsandTorontoActorsfrom allwalks oflife.We spokewithMyles Deck, aTorontoMAXTalent.

Toronto,ON,September 04,2014 -MAXAgencyhasmetandrecruitedTorontoModelsandTorontoActorsfromall walksof life.We spoke withMylesDeck,aTorontoMAX Talent.Mylesmoved toTorontoacoupleofyearsagoaftergraduating fromUniversitytopursuehismusiccareer whenhewasscouted onthe street,“I’d alwaysgetcommentsabout pursuing modeling and backgroundacting and twoyearsagooneof theMAX Agencyscoutsranintomeand gavemeacard.SoItook thechanceand signed up withthem.”

IaskedMylesabout hiseducationasidefromhisdegreeinbiologyfromAcadiaUniversityandaskedifhehasstudiedacting and hehadthistosay,

“I’mconsidering taking acting classes.Iamamusician.I’ma drummerprimarilybut I dabbleindifferent areasofmusic.Istarted playingpiano whenIwasa littlekid and theguitarandIteachlittlekidsmusicaswell.I’minaband right now.It’saheavymetal band calledCauldronand wejust started workingonanewalbum.It willbeaselfrelease.”

Myleswasanewcomertotheactingandmodeling world whenhecametoMAX Agencyafewyearsagoand weasked howthingshavebeenwithMAX Agencysofar,“SofarI’vehadafewauditionsand I got a job doing acommercialforJose Quervotitled‘HaveaStory’and it starredKieferSutherland.Itwasveryprofessionalon theset and therewasalwayssomeonetheretotellme whereIneeded tobe.It wasveryorganized.They looked aftertheactors’ pettywelland theykeptwhothe starwasasecretand thenKieferSutherlandwalked intotheroomandtheenergy changed.”


Asaresultof beingcastintheJose QuervocommercialMylesDeckwasabletoearnhisfirstACTRAcreditand becomeanACTRAApprentice,“I thoughtaboutjoining theunionforsometime. I got some literatureand readup on it and thoughtmay be itwould opensomemoredoors.”

Beyond Mylescommercial whichhasbecomeawild successand hasresulted insomeprettyhandsomeresidualsMyles isoptimisticaboutmaking Torontoactingand Torontomodeling a partofhiscareeralongsidemusicand Artsand Entertainmentasawhole,“Thingshavebeengood withMAX and veryprofessionaloverall.Iwould lovetotakethefreeacting course withTheTalentShop AcademyandI’mlooking forward tomoreauditions.”

MAX Agency’sBookersarecurrently lookingfornewTalent!Ifyouareinterested wehighlyrecommend visitingmaxagency.comand fillingout anApplication.Wishing MAX continuedsuccess inthe industrywe’relooking forward tofuturepressreleasesfeaturing individual talentand projectsand findingout moreabout MAX!

Contact:NatalyaOMAX Agency

2063YongeSt.Suite202Toronto, OntarioM4S-2A2416-482-5392