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MAX Agency Press Release - October 19, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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MAX Agency Press Release - October 19, 2014

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MAX Agency Press Release - October 19, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Featured in this week’s press release is MAX Agency model talent Meaghan Ritola.

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MAXAgencyPressRelease- October19,2014

Featuredinthisweek’s press release is MAXAgency modeltalent MeaghanRitola.Toronto,ON,October 19,2014 -Meaghan’seducationiscentered onJournalismand broadcast

televisionand althoughshehas donesomeacting sheisinthemidstof preparing toauditionforActing programsavariousschools,

“Right nowI’m injournalismatGuelph-HumberUniversity.It’shelpedmealotbecauseobviously Iwanted togointobroadcasttelevision.Ithasdefinitelymadememoreconfident becausewegettoactuallyworkwiththecamerasatourschooland weget tousethebroadcastroom.Myprofessorshavehelpedmecomeoutofmyshell.BecauseofMAX it helped mefigureout whatIreallywant todo whichisacting.”

Wherewould you liketo studyacting?

“Iamhoping toget intotheacting forfilmand televisionprogramatHumber.It’sa practicalprogramsoI’d betakingawholecompletelynewcourse.Iamalsoapplying tootheractingprograms.”

Meaghan’senthusiasmfortheindustryand willingness todoeverykindofacting projectavailabletoherincluding unpaidwork tobuild up herreelledmetosuggest RandolphAcademywhichspecializes inthetriplethreatapproachofsinging,dancing and acting.Whatexperience in theindustryhaveyouhadsofar?

“My internship hashelpedme.I interned withBell MediaatSpaceChannel and I got toseetheproduction sideofthingsandIgottohelpout on theshowcalledInnerspace.I got tohelp outattheMMVA’swhichwas great!IwasalsoabletohelpwithCTVUpfrontswheretheyhaveall thestarscomeinand pitchwhattheirgoing todoforthenext year.I lovetheshowVampireDiaries


and theguythatplayed Elijahwas thereandthegirl whoplaysPenelopefromCriminal mindswasthere.Soyoureallygetabehind thescenes look”

Surprised Meaghanisonlytwenty-oneyearsold and alreadygraduating shewent on totalkaboutheractingexperiencesofar,

“I tookacting classesout ofhighschool andItookacting classesatmy localcommunitycentre and wegot tomakeaudition tapeswhichwasreallycool.Itwassimilar tothetalentworkshopwedid withMAX AgencyToronto.”

Witha lot ofeducationand a bit ofacting training Meaghanwasapproached byaMAX AgencyModelandTalentTorontoScout and decided tosignup.Howhavethings beensofarand what areyourplansforthefuture?

“I’vejust auditioned withMAX sofar.I’veonlyauditioned.Noparts.I’d lovetojoinACTRA.But fornowI’mwilling todounpaid workforexperienceand basicallyready toauditionforanythingandgetsomeparts.I’mhoping toget somemoreexperience.Ihavetelevisionbroadcast experiencebut Ireallywanttoact.”

MAX Agency’sBookersarecurrently lookingfornewTalent!Ifyouareinterested wehighlyrecommend visitingwww.maxagency.comand fillingout anApplication.Wishing MAXcontinuedsuccessintheindustrywe’relookingforward totheFalland futurepressreleasesfeaturing individualtalent and projectsand finding out moreabout MAX!

Contact:NatalyaOMAX Agency

2063YongeSt.Suite202Toronto, OntarioM4S-2A2