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MAX Agency Press Release - August 13, 2014

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MAX Agency Press Release - August 13, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MAXAgencyPressRelease- August13, 2014

MaxAgency Torontohasbeenturningoutamazingtalent for adecadenowand thisweek’s feature is JamieMcCormick.

Toronto,ON,August14,2014 -MaxAgencyTorontohas been turning outamazing talent foradecadenowand thisweek’sfeatureisJamieMcCormick.Jamie spoketousabout histhreelatestexperiencesonset foracommercialwithBlue Cross,acommercial and printadvertisementwithGoodlifeFitnessand aspot ina promotional videofor Cityline, all of thesebookingswereobtainedthroughMAXModeland Talent AgencyToronto.

Jamiehadthistosayabout BlueCross;

“It wasveryinteresting towatchthemfilmthecommercialforBlueCross becauseit wasa combinationoffamilyin thebackground and leadactorsinfront,weshotthecommercialinFrenchand Englishand theydid thevoiceoverswhilewe werethere.I’veended upwith peoplefrom all over Ontarioand Quebecsaying ‘Isweartherewassomeone wholooked exactlylikeyou onTV.’Iwaswearing afakecast all day.Itwasavery interesting experience.”

Jamie,aMAXAgencyTorontoModeland Actor,has beencreativelyand financiallyrewarded forhiseffortsasexemplified inhisworkfor Goodlife.Jamiewashiredforthecommercial componentbut managed toget print workwiththecampaignasaresult;

“It wasawesome!Thecrewrananextremelyfunand inspiringkind ofshoot.It wasalotofwork. It wasacoupledaysofshooting. Thething aboutthatshoot iswe weretrying tobeattherain,trying toshoot inthreeseparate spots,someofit wasin doorand someofit wasoutdoorandwewerealwayson therun.Wewereshooting everywherefromanarena toa park indowntownTorontoand thenbacktoGoodlife.It’soneofmyfavoriteexperiencessofar.”

Jamie’s latestspot wasfor Cityline; Ahigh profileopportunityfeaturingCitylinecelebrities.Jamie appreciated theopportunityimmenselyand considered it avaluablelearning experience.

“Citylinewas themost technicalshoot I’veeverdone. Theywereusing aspecialtechnologywith aroboticarmtakingtheexactsamepathattheexactsamerateas thetalent.Itwas thesametechnologytheyuse in Hollywood whenit looks likethetalent ison thescreenatthesametime asa graphicoranimated characterbut they layerit.Itused tobedonewithasplit screen. The camerawould follow theexactsamepath theexactsamepaceanditlookslikethehost waswalkingatnormal speed.So it’sreallycool.Itwasthehighest end shoottechnicallythatI’ve everbeenon.”

JamieMcCormick’sopportunitiesarefrequentandheisofferedauditionsallthetimeeven withtheold blackand whitesnapshot he’sbeenusing asaprofessional photo,“Ican’tget toasmany auditionsasMaxAgencysetsup formebecauseIworkfull-timeand I liveoutofthe citybut MaxAgencyTorontohasdonea greatjob withthetimeIcandedicatetothisopportunity.It’sa lot offun!”

MAX Agency’sBookersarecurrently lookingfornewTalent!Ifyouareinterested wehighly


recommend visitingourApplication pageand fillingout anapplication.WishingMAX continuedsuccess inthe industrywe’relooking forward totheFall seasonand futurearticlesfeaturingTorontomodelsandTorontoActorsand projectsandfinding outmoreaboutMAXModeling AgencyToronto!

Contact:NatalyaOMAX Agency

2063YongeSt.Suite202Toronto, OntarioM4S-2A2416-482-5392