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AuraPortal and RSA Receive the Global Award for Excellence PowerPoint Presentation
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AuraPortal and RSA Receive the Global Award for Excellence

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AuraPortal and RSA Receive the Global Award for Excellence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thanks to the implementation of AuraPortal's BPM (Business Process Management), RSA Insurance Group has been awarded the prestigious WfMC award at the ceremony celebrated on October 1st at the DoubleTree Hotel Chicago in Oak Brook (Illinois).

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AuraPortalandRSAReceivethe GlobalAwardforExcellence inBPMandWorkflow2014

Thanks totheimplementationofAuraPortal'sBPM (BusinessProcess Management),RSAInsuranceGrouphasbeenawardedthe prestigious WfMCaward at theceremonycelebratedonOctober1stat theDoubleTree HotelChicagoinOak Brook(Illinois).

Woburn, MA,November 28,2014 -AURA(,a globalproviderofAuraPortalBusiness ProcessManagement(BPM)software,hasannounced that,thankstothesuccessfulimplementationofitsAuraPortal BPMsuite,RSAInsuranceGroup (Chile) has beenawarded the WfMCGlobal Award forExcellenceinBPMand Workflow.

AuraPortalhasbeendistinguished withgreatadvantageoveritscompetitors byOvuminitsDecisionMatrixreportand byotherrenowned analystfirms.

Co-sponsored byWfMCand BPM.comand nowintheir20thyear,theseprestigiousawardsrecognizeorganizationsthathavedemonstrablyexcelledin implementing innovativebusinessprocesssolutionstoachieveenterprise strategicalobjectives.

Inthiscase,theawardwasachieved thanks totheimplementationoftheInsurancePolicy Quotes and ReservesProcess.Itinvolvesastrategicand complexProject bothfromthetechnicalandoperational perspectivethatflows throughvariousareasof thecompanyand isoperated byalargenumberofusers.

RSAisa leading multinational insurancegroup,present inover130countriesandwithcloseto20millioncustomers.In Chileit is theno.1companyforgeneral insuranceon themarket.

WorkflowManagement Coalition (WfMC)and BPM.comjointlysponsortheannual GlobalAwardsforExcellenceinBPMand Workflow. Theawards programismanaged byFutureStrategiesInc.

About Aura(

AURAisaglobal BPM (Business ProcessManagement) softwareproviderdelivering asolutionthat creates, withouttheneed ofIT programming,Business ProcessWorkflow ExecutionModels.

AuraPortalis100% Web-based,and iscomplementary toexisting ERPandCRMsystems.

AURAhasapresencein40countrieswithmorethan300customersincluding,among others:Walmart,Toyota, General Motors,Pemex(PetroleosMexicanos), Carrefour,ArcelorMittal,PepsiCo,Coca-Cola,Danone,INCAE,Kimberly-Clark,Yamaha,Royal KPN,Bristol-MyersSquibb,etc.,aswellasmanyGovernmentAgenciesand Departmentsinseveral countries.All of thesecustomersbenefit frommaintenancecontracts.

Itisheadquarteredin Europeand hasanexecutivebranchinNorthAmerica(Florida). Italsohasofficesinseveral countriesand avastnetworkof partnerswholocallyattendcustomers throughouttheworld.