which camerasysteem is perfect for you n.
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Which camerasysteem is perfect for you? PowerPoint Presentation
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Which camerasysteem is perfect for you?

Which camerasysteem is perfect for you?

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Which camerasysteem is perfect for you?

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  1. Security cameras are one of the best security solution that become the first choice at homes, office, business and for public places. Nowadays, many homeowners and business owners are installing security cameras for complete security. The modern camerabewaking perform several function, with audio and video processing. They can contain all the essential computer based functions that we need. The best thing about security cameras is that you can operate it from anywhere at any time only via the internet connection. Wireless security cameras are very easy to install and do not take much space. You can install it in almost places. Which camerasysteem is perfect for you?

  2. Advantages of an IP Camera IP Camera is more flexible than analog cameras that's why it covers more area and delivers you quality images and video. They are highly secured and need an authentication for access. No extra wiring is needed while installation, this is really an easy task. An IP Camera system is more efficient as it records events in real time and provide alerts in case of any suspicious activity. Modern IP Camera has the ability to operate without an additional power supply. They work with the PoE protocol which gives power via the ethernet cable. While you can't supply power to your camera over the ethernet network, it is really beneficial that also save money on electricity. Additionally, you can even save the recorded video remotely that can be used as an evidence at your need.

  3. Night Vision Monitoring Being able to clearly capture details on video at night is a crucial component of an IP Camera. With the majority of vandalism, and thefts occurring under the cover of darkness, being able to accurately identify the criminals or their vehicle is key in recovering lost possessions in aiding the police in their investigation. There are various ways that you can add night vision monitoring to your security system (cameras with infrared LEDs, IR cut filters, or software for true day/night) and though the method varies, the end result is all the same. The security cameras record in full color during the day and when the lighting level drops below a set point, the camera automatically switches over to night vision mode and operates independently of ambient light so your system will be able to capture footage even in total darkness.

  4. Weatherproof Camera Housings As security camera technology becomes more advanced, the internal components also become more sensitive to dirt, water, and fluctuations in temperature. If you need to monitor the outside of your location, you will need weatherproof cameras or camera enclosures. CCTV camera housings protect against various intensities of dust and moisture that range from zero to complete protection. That level of protection is designated by its weatherproof rating. The standard format for a camera’s weatherproof rating is IPxx with the first ‘x’ notating the level of protection against solid objects ranging from 0 (none) to 6 (complete protection) and the second ‘x’ for moisture protection which ranges from 0 (none) to 8 (complete submersion). When you’re looking for weatherproof cameras, be sure to find out their IP rating so they have the correct level of protection.

  5. Remote Access on Smartphones With a free app that’s available on both the iTunes and Android marketplace, you can sign in, view archived video, and manage your surveillance system on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere with an internet connection. This security camera system feature is peace of mind in your pocket. At any time of day or night, you can check in on your family, make sure your employees are working, double check that you turned off the lights before you went on vacation, or adjust your recording schedule for an upcoming holiday.

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