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Record of Student Development

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Record of Student Development. Nipissing University, Brantford Campus Co-Curricular Transcript. Purpose. Provides official recognition of extra-curricular involvement and achievements Encourages involvement Recognizes learning outside the classroom

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Presentation Transcript
record of student development

Record of Student Development

Nipissing University, Brantford Campus

Co-Curricular Transcript



  • Provides official recognition of extra-curricular involvement and achievements
  • Encourages involvement
  • Recognizes learning outside the classroom
  • Independently records & validates experiences
what it records

What it Records

  • Nipissing University activities outside an established curriculum
  • Nipissing University activities and volunteer opportunities participated in while registered as a Nipissing Student (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer) *must meet specific criteria
  • May record Nipissing paid positions that meet the specific criteria
  • Non-academic awards (i.e., merit based bursaries, leadership awards, program-based recognitions, etc)

-Items must meet the following criteria in order to be included on the Record of Student Development:

  • Activity provides meaningful learning experiences
  • 2) Activity is extra-curricular in nature and is not required for academic credit
  • 3) Activity is verified by a designated Supervisor (could be a staff member, faculty or administration)



-3 specific categories


-method or actions taken by the student to be introduced to a program/organization/position

-might involve training, extra-curricular lectures, guest speakers or workshops and/or membership in a student, university or community organization

-passive presence

-SAC, NUSA, Year 1 Workshop Series, SCWI and Literacy Day


categories continued


-practical / experiential aspect of the extra-curricular activity

-experience of learning through doing and where the student will apply their foundational knowledge

-defined role or commonly held duties or expectations

-may be a paid position

-Alternative Service Learning, peer Mentorship (Mentor and Novice), International Placement, Executive of a club, research assistant, iTeach Bridging Program, Strong Start

Categories continued…

categories continued1


-recognition of how the student, either through their position or personal leadership, transformed themselves, the university and/or the community through creative, responsible and decisive action

-usually represents activities in which the student has a great amount of freedom and responsibility

-may include a role that involves teaching or researching.

-Dr. David Suzuki Lesson Plan initiative, Diversity workshop presentations, President of clubs, meetings with Board of Governors, curriculum development and research, GO Conference

Categories continued…


Awards provided by Nipissing University

  • Dave Marshall Leadership Award, Trussler Award, Nipissing Brantford awards
  • At this time, the record does not recognize any awards that are presented by community organizations



If a student is interested in obtaining a Record of Student Development, they need to register with Transition Programs Department of Nipissing University

  • The student is responsible for providing all information about the activities they have been involved in
  • Activities should be added to the record within the academic year they were completed (*Exception: retro-active activities)
  • Important Note: Requests to add retro-active activities must be submitted by June 30, 2011. Requests after this date will not be accepted.
  • Verification of this information will be conducted by Transition Programs staff in co-ordination with Nipissing University’s Brantford Campus



Registration is required!

  • Register On-Line:
  • Note: only those who register will receive a Record
  • No deadline to register


adding activities to your record

Adding activities to your record


-Now you need to submit a “Student Verification Form”

Upon registration you can submit individual activities on-line.

The “Student Verification Form” will also be available on the Nipissing Brantford website… stay tuned!


Each entry must be verified by a recognized Supervisor (you indicate this person on the submission form). Consider Faculty or Staff involved.

  • Examples:
  • NUSA/SAC: Kelly
  • Alternative Placements/SCWI/Mentorship: Deanne
  • Awards, Course initiatives: Maria/faculty
  • Various Workshops: workshop presenter
  • Transition Programs will contact the Supervisor for verification


verification continued

For activities where a large cohort of teacher candidates are participating, we will submit and verify participation on your behalf by providing a group listing (e.g., Mentors, iTeach Bridging Program)

  • Individual activities (e.g., workshop participation, volunteer opportunities) must be submitted by the student
  • The Supervisor will determine which category an activity fits under
  • Moving forward, the category that an activity fits under will be included in the advertisement for the activity or event

Verification Continued

requesting your record

Requesting your Record

  • Contact Transition Programs at 705.474.3450, ext: 4241 or e-mail
  • On average, a record takes 1 month to be processed
  • All students who have registered with Transition Programs will receive one copy of their Record at Convocation
  • For additional copies, you can request a copy of your record by e-mailing Transition Programs: Each copy is $5.00.
  • Payment Options: same as methods of payment for iTeach fee (e.g., cheque made payable to Nipissing University or on-line banking)