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M7 U4 Reading. 徐州三中 马聿新. Brainstorming:. What caused it?. What can we do to solve the problem?. The London Underground. Divide the text into 4 parts according to the main idea of each part and discuss in groups. Para 1. Para 2-4. Para 5. Para 6-7. 1. Role-play

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M7 u4 reading

M7 U4


徐州三中 马聿新

M7 u4 reading


What caused it?

What can we do to solve the problem?

M7 u4 reading

The London


M7 u4 reading

Divide the text into 4 parts according to the main idea

of each part and discuss in groups.

Para 1

Para 2-4

Para 5

Para 6-7

M7 u4 reading

1. Role-play

Assuming that you are a guide, give a brief introduction to the London Underground.

G: Welcome to the London Underground, or ____ it is usually known, the Tube. It has the _________ (声誉)of being the oldest and most _______ underground system in the world.




M7 u4 reading

2. Work in pairs:

Make up a dialogue between the guide and the visitor about the reasons for building the underground system.

V: Why did they build __________ and most __________ underground system in the world?

the oldest


G: Most trains into London only went to the______________. Because building railway tracks into the city _________________ many old building.

G: They were used to _____________________________________, causing ________________________.

outer city limits

would have damaged

horse-drawn buses,

V: Why didn’t they use other vehicles such as___________________


trams, cabs and carriages

convey people to and around the city centre

unbelievable traffic jams

M7 u4 reading

3. Read quickly and find thehistoryof the London Underground according to the time order.

The British government approved

the construction of an underground railway.

The first/initial tunnels were opened.

The first electric underground railway was opened.

The London passenger Transport Board was created.

Many new stations were constructed.

M7 u4 reading

4.Describe the picture


The initial/first tunnels were opened


Passengers were transported in carriages without windows, which were pulled through the narrow tunnels by steam engines.

Because of the smoke from the steam engines, early underground

lines needed large holes leading to the surface at regular intervals,

so that people could get fresh air and would not choke.

M7 u4 reading

5.Which of the following is NOT the unusual use of the underground system during the Second World War?

A. Bomb shelter.

B. An anti-aircraft centre.

C. A hospital.

D. Meeting rooms for the

government administration.

airplane factory

M7 u4 reading

6. Fill in the blanks

Afterthe Second World War , more people traveled on the underground, so the system was ________ and more lines were _______. The last line added was the Jubilee Line in 1977, ______________ the twenty-fifth anniversary of Elisabeth II becoming the queen.

The network of the underground

system includes _____ lines

and now goes _______Miles

out of central London.



in honour of



M7 u4 reading


Learn and use

Find the sentences you like in the text and

make your own sentences according to them.

e.g. Welcome to the London Underground.

It has the distinction of being the oldest and

most complex underground system in the world.

My sentences:

Welcome to NO.3 Middle School.

It has the distinction of being one of the best

schools in Xuzhou.

M7 u4 reading

Homework :

Finish D & E on P52-53.

Thank you !