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Welcome, Second Grade Families! MSS Back to School Night September 18, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome, Second Grade Families! MSS Back to School Night September 18, 2014

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Welcome, Second Grade Families! MSS Back to School Night September 18, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome, Second Grade Families! MSS Back to School Night September 18, 2014. Contact Information. Room #114 School Phone – 769-0144 ext. 66247 E-mail – Cell Phone – 856-430-8320. A little bit about Mrs. Battaglia. Grew up in Salem County

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Welcome, Second Grade Families! MSS Back to School Night September 18, 2014

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Welcome, Second Grade Families!

MSS Back to School Night

September 18, 2014


Contact Information

  • Room #114
  • School Phone – 769-0144 ext. 66247
  • E-mail –
  • Cell Phone – 856-430-8320

A little bit about Mrs. Battaglia

  • Grew up in Salem County
  • Graduated from Rowan University in 1997 with a degree in Elem. Ed. & Sociology
  • Hired by Woodstown in 1997
  • Taught 5th grade at WMS for 16 years
  • Wife and mother of 2 – Gianna in 3rd grade- Joey in 6th grade
  • Lives in Woolwich Township

A little bit about Mrs. Wolf

  • Grew up in Franklinville
  • Graduated from the College of St. Elizabeth in 1996 with BA in Psychology and Education with a Certification in Special Education. Earned MA in Student Personnel Services from Rowan University in 1998
  • Hired at MSS in 1997 for Resource Room and Guidance
  • Wife and mother of 2 boys – Cody 9th grade at WHS, Tyler 4th grade at UPS
  • Lives in Upper Pittsgrove
  • Enjoys cheering my boys in local sports events

Special Schedule

  • Students are assigned to a team – Caring Kids/Courageous Crew/Problem Solvers/Team Players
  • All specials begin in the gymnasium where students join their team
  • All specials return to the gym where students rejoin their class
  • Encore days (Day B) are used for special events and activities as needed
  • Specials are: art, music, gym, health
  • Students also have STELLAR once a week and Spanish

Shared Reading/Language Arts

In 2nd grade the children will engage in both a shared and guided reading environment. This is called Balanced Literacy. During our shared reading time the children will be reading stories and books in whole and small groups. These stories and books are most likely on a second grade reading level, although we do read texts below, and above the children’s reading levels too. We will be using a variety of texts to practice reading, fluency, phonics, and comprehension skills.


Small Group Reading

For 40 minutes every day, all second graders will be part of small, teacher-led reading groups to set personal reading goals and develop individual reading skills. Children may work with other teachers, and will be grouped with children from other second grade classes. During this time ,small groups of students come together to read a new series, explore a topic, or work on a particular reading strategy. In addition to meeting with their small group teacher, children will spend 20 minutes practicing their skills and strategies by reading independently. Small groups may change throughout the year depending on each child’s progress and individual reading needs. Small group reading is the time that we focus on independent reading levels and challenge the students with books they should be able to read by themselves. This is also the time where we challenge our excelling readers above and beyond typical grade level expectations, and help our struggling readers get the small group assistance they need to move forward in reading.




We use the Rebecca Sittonprogram. The 2nd grade students will be able to spell 130 words by the end of the year. Each Monday we learn 5 new words and add them to our word wall. On Friday we will have a word test. The children will also see the words they learned in 1st grade on their word tests as a way to review and maintain the spelling of those words. Our language lessons focus on skills such as nouns, verbs, possessives etc. and reflect the Common Core Standards.




  • Our district follows the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. These standards outline the skills and practices students need to master at each grade level. This year, our class is using Progressive Mathematics Initiative (PMI) as our resource to implement the standards.
  • Topics of Study – Place Value, Addition and Subtraction Facts, Time and Money, Measuring – Length, Basic Geometry and Problem Solving
  • 60 minutes of math – centers approach
  • Rocket Math – basic fact drills with weekly quiz


We will be working on many hands-on science units this year. Our 4 main topics of study are Monarch Butterflies, plants, soils, and dinosaurs. We have our own science kits and they are full of

hands-on discovery learning

activities. We also incorporate non-fiction reading and writing into our Science units!


Social Studies – America, A Proud Nation

We will start our study of America by learning about Native Americans and Colonial America. We also touch on the Revolutionary War as well as famous Americans and traditions. This year we culminate our yearlong theme with the 2ndGrade Patriotic Program in June. This is an amazing show, so don’t miss it!



We have S.T.E.L.L.A.R. on Day B. In this class students will get library books and work on various projects throughout the year integrating technology with our already existing curricular units.



We are lucky to have a Spanish teacher! In a few short weeks, Mrs. Miles will start introducing the Spanish language to our students. This is a fun class! Students learn the basics of Spanish through songs, dance, games and activities.



  • Monday through Thursday for about 20 minutes
  • 15 minutes or reading – baggie books and reading logs should be returned daily – students record titles on log
  • Math worksheet – returned the following day
  • Spelling words are made available on
  • Fridays and then again on Mondays
  • Math fact practice is always beneficial
agenda book and friday folders
Agenda Book and Friday Folders
  • Agenda Books
  • Students will copy HW each morning
  • Wewill check to be sure it is correct and stamp
  • Please check to be sure HW has been completed each evening
  • Please sign the agenda book each evening

Friday Folders

-Beginning this week, Friday folders will be sent home every Friday.

-All graded work for the week will be included

-Please look through the work and sign the folder

-Please leave work INSIDE the folder – all work will be returned at the end of each trimester.


Behavior Management & Incentives

  • “Superhero” Chart – Color Coded – coordinates with HERO folder calendar
  • Tokens for STAR behavior
  • Tickets for answering questions
  • Classroom rewards for token jar
  • Monthly drawing to choose from prize box

We will have a snack time each morning.

  • Snack time will be at 9:20 OR at 10:10 depending on our schedule.
  • Please avoid snacks with peanuts.
  • *See “Safe Snack List” included in your folder*


  • Birthday Treats
  • Drop off at the office in the morning or send in with your child
  • We will celebrate birthdays during snack time, lunch time OR in the afternoon depending on the day and our schedule
  • We have 18 students
  • Summer birthdays will be celebrated in May and June


Each week, one student will have the opportunity to be our “HERO OF THE WEEK”

Students receive the “Hero Bag” on Thursday – complete their poster over the weekend

Monday – share poster

Tuesday – Bring in 3 items in the “Hero Bag” to share

Wednesday – Parent Letter

Thursday & Friday – Acrostic Poem Poster

*See handout in folder for more detailed directions and schedule for the year.

*There is also a “Hero of the Week” tab on our website



Parent Volunteer forms (Tier I) should be returned as soon as possible, but please no later than 9/23.

Tier I – activities within the classroom/school (parties, Fair Day, etc.)

Tier II – class trips –Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA.

Final lists for activities will be established and sent home on Monday, September 29th. At that point if you are going on the class trip you can begin to fulfill the Tier II requirements.



  • Friday “Buzz Letter” Newsletter
  • HERO folder – daily
  • Friday Folder – weekly work – PLEASE LEAVE ALL WORK INSIDE
  • Website -
  • E-mails – please provide on list
  • Phone Calls as necessary
  • Text Alerts - REMIND
  • Remind is a free and safe way for teachers to send text reminders to parents
  • Three ways to sign up – via text message, e-mail or download the app
  • You may unsubscribe at any time
  • See handout in folder

School Reminders

  • Notes are required to change student transportation
  • Call the office if your child is out sick
  • Conferences are in October and March, but if you need to meet before then please let me know
  • Write your child a note in the Family Journal composition book – comes home on Friday
  • Complete student directory forms and volunteer forms

You’re now the parent of a SECOND GRADER…

You may be overwhelmed and feel as though you need a HUG. RELAX! In Mrs. Battaglia’s & Mrs. Wolf’s Class, parents and teachers STICK together. Hopefully, tonight’s information has been a LIFE-SAVERand has left you feeling like a real SMARTIE!

Thank you for coming tonight!

It’s going to be a great year!