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10 Things your Audience Hates About your Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Things your Audience Hates About your Presentation

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10 Things your Audience Hates About your Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It’s impossible to win over an audience with a bad presentation. You might have the next big thing, but if your presentation falls flat, then so will your idea. While every audience is different, there are some universal cringe-worthy presentation mistakes that are all too common. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned presenter, you should always avoid this list of top 10 things your audience hates. Are you committing any of these 10 fatal presentation sins?

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10 Things your Audience Hates About your Presentation

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. I0 Things your 
 audience hates about your presentation DESIGNED BY

    2. 01 Starting with a long intro that's all about you. DESIGNED BY

    3. 01 Start your presentation with a quick introduction to who you are and then reel them in with a compelling opener. The first few minutes of a presentation are the most important. DESIGNED BY

    4. 02 Too much focus on facts and not emotions. DESIGNED BY

    5. 02 You won't score points with a data dump. You might impress your audience with your sales growth  but they will walk away remembering how they felt. People remember stories, not facts. DESIGNED BY

    6. 03 Disorganized content DESIGNED BY

    7. 03 Poor presentation flow will lose your audience’s attention. When developing your presentation, outline your content first. This will act as a roadmap that your audience can follow. DESIGNED BY

    8. 04 Transition & animation overload DESIGNED BY

    9. 04 Keep it simple. If you’re going to use them, choose one or two that are no-frills and stick with them the whole way through. Transitions & animations can create emphasis but too much can be annoying. DESIGNED BY

    10. 05 Being read to DESIGNED BY

    11. 05 Stick with a 
 few key ideas. The visual presentation should only complement your verbal one. Avoid putting everything on the slide and reading it out like a script. DESIGNED BY

    12. 06 Endless charts DESIGNED BY

    13. 06 You can make more of an impact by removing the chart altogether and presenting the key takeaways. Nothing tunes 
 people out faster than a deck filled with uninspiring charts. DESIGNED BY

    14. 07 Lack of humor DESIGNED BY

    15. 07 Humor is a powerful tool. Know your audience, draw from relevant anecdotes, and practice your delivery. No matter what your topic is, don't take yourself too seriously. DESIGNED BY

    16. 08 Lack of passion and enthusiasm DESIGNED BY

    17. 08 If your topic doesn't excite you, find something about 
 it that does. 
 Don’t fake it - your audience will see right through it! If you're not excited about your topic, why should they be? DESIGNED BY

    18. 09 01 0 Too much information 0 1 DESIGNED BY

    19. 09 Start by removing the clutter. Each slide should have a clear focal point and any text or graphic should make a strong impact. People can only retain three points really well before their retention drops. 1 2 3 DESIGNED BY

    20. 10 No engagement or interaction DESIGNED BY

    21. 10 You can engage 
 your audience with 
 simple gestures 
 like eye contact, movement around the stage, or discussion. Communication 
 is a two-way street DESIGNED BY

    22. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 Which presentation mistakes do you hate the most? Read the full article online at 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 DESIGNED BY