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Latest Sting Camera

Sting camera are generally a still or video camera which are used to shoot pictures or videos of the people without their knowledge

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Latest Sting Camera

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  1. Latest Sting Bluetooth Camera

  2. STING BLUETOOTH LADIES BRACELET Sting Bluetooth Ladies Bracelet matches the subtle and smooth band perfectly. Once you wear it, you will be hot spot wherever you work, study, make friends or participate in party. Inbuilt Bluetooth technology can connect your mobile conveniently. It will alert you for an incoming call or warn you if your mobile is stolen certainly, it would be your best mobile helpmate. If you stand under the strong sun light, it can still work normally to display accurate time. It is easy to use by the two-button OS.

  3. STING BLUETOOTH HAIR CLIP EARPIECE SET Sting Bluetooth Hair Clip Earpiece Set with the mobile telephones and radio telephones enable two-way communication. It can also be used to play the music using any portable music/sound player: a Dictaphone and an mp3 player etc.

  4. STING BLUETOOTH NECKLOOP EARPIECE SET Sting Bluetooth Neck loop Earpiece Set helps to make your life easier and comfortable. It is designed in a way that it can be worn around the neck that remains unnoticeable to others. It has an advance feature of hearing the pre- recorded voices. It can be easily set up with cell phone/base phone, MP3 player and helps to perform many tasks at a time.

  5. STING BLUETOOTH PEN EARPIECE SET Sting Bluetooth Pen hasMulti-Function key and microphone placed under clip wire-free connection to earpiece or hearing aid hands-free cell phone communication. Voice dialing is available Battery life is 6 hrs while talk or standby 100 hrs and inbuilt battery with cool blue light display. Regular ball-pen of black color and the writing ball-pen are replaceable. .

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