10 useful safety tips for hedge trimmers n.
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10 Useful Safety tips for Hedge trimmers PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Useful Safety tips for Hedge trimmers

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10 Useful Safety tips for Hedge trimmers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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10 useful safety tips for hedge trimmers

10 Useful Safety tips for Hedge trimmers

A cordless hedge trimmer is a gardening tool. It is used to cut hedges and bushes.

Hedge trimmers in Wellington should be handled with care. You should be very careful

while operating a hedge trimmer.

This is a powerful tool that can cause fatal injuries if not handled properly.

That's why it's important to follow some safety tips while handling hedge trimmers in


1.Read the instructions carefully:

Make sure you have read and understood the trimmer's manual and other

pamphlets that contain warnings & instructions.

The user manual should contain everything that you need to know about a STIHL

hedge trimmer:

Technical specifications

Operational instructions

Warnings and safety precautions

Manufacturer’s contact information.

2.Dress properly:

Always wear protective gear and clothing before operating a cordless hedge


basic protective gear consists of long pants

Basic protective gear consists of: long pants, goggles, ear protection, no-slip work

gloves, steel-toed boots and a respirator.

Do not wear loose clothing or any other item. Tie your hair up.

3.Inspect Tool for Damaged parts or Cords:

You need toproperly inspect the hedge trimmers Wellington. There should be no

signs of damaged or broken parts.

If you find any, then you need to replace them with identical, original parts. If any

parts or the cord are damaged, then never use the tool.

4.Always use both hands:

Always hold the STIHL hedge trimmer Wellington firmly with both hands when you

operate it. When the tool is running, then it exerts a lot of force.

If you hold it with one hand, then you’re at risk of losing your grip on the tool.

5.Always Keep Your Hands Away from the Blades:

when the cordless hedge trimmer is running never

When the cordless hedge trimmer is running, never try to clear cut plant growth.

Always keep your hands away from the blades. When the trimmer is not in use,

never hold the tool by the exposed blade or touch the blade.

6.Take a break:

Always take frequent breaks, particularly during prolonged operation.

The vibration caused by the hedge trimmer might cause a syndrome called Hand-

Arm Vibration Syndrome. Once the injury has fully developed, then it’s irreversible.

7.Make sure the tool is switched off during transport:

When you carry the STIHL hedge trimmer in Wellington, then you need to make

sure that it is switched off and unplugged.

Never keep your hand or finger on the switch when the tool is not in use.

8.Unplug the Tool before Cleaning or Maintenance:

If you want to perform some routine maintenance or you want to clean the tool or

the blade, you need to turn it off first.

Also, remember to unplug it beforehand to avoid accidental starting.

9.Keep to yourself:

Never operate the cordless hedge trimmer near other people, particularly children.

Same goes for pets & other animals.

you might expose yourself and other people

You might expose yourself and other people to danger. Make sure that there is a

distance of at least fifty to eighty feet between you and the nearest person.

Do not lend the hedge trimmer to anyone as a toy.

10.Make sure that the Blades are Sharp:

You need to make sure that the blades are sharp and free of obstruction before

turning it on. Dull blades are safe and less efficient. They’re more likely to rebound.

To know more about safety tips, click onto this link below:


Final Words:

Many people think that gardening tools and machines are not as dangerous as power tools

found in workshops. But they’re wrong.

Hedge trimmers Wellington can be incredibly dangerous despite appearance and


Always remember these simple safety tips & enjoy your lovely garden while keeping all your

fingers intact.