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sling tv adds free tier a la carte channels n.
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Sling Com Activate PowerPoint Presentation
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Sling Com Activate

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Sling Com Activate
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Sling Com Activate

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  1. Sling TV Adds Free Tier, A La Carte Channels For Purchase

  2. Can you add just one channel to sling TV? In an effort to attract more and more users to its service, the Dish Network owned television streaming service Sling TV has added a free tier and a la carte channel options to their service. Not to mention, with over 2 million subscribers, Sling TV is already one of the biggest streaming service in all of the United States. According to speculations, Sling Com Activate TV’s move to add free content to the service is to compensate for the recent price hike in the service base plans. Sling TV recently raised the base price of its Sling Orange channel package by $5 per month from $20 to $25.

  3. The television service is now adding over 100 hours of ad-supported content including selected movies and shows like “Flip Or Flop” and “Impractical Jokers” users can watch for free, without a base subscription. At launch,the A La Carte channels include Showtime for $10 per month, CuriosityStream at $6 per month, and NBA League Pass for $28.99. Not to mention, Sling TV Activation is also offering pay-per-view feature for special programs like boxing matches, movies, also for users without a base subscription. The new features land in just as the streaming service was relaunching its user interface, starting with Roku devices.

  4. Although the competition is getting stronger and stronger in the OTT bundle space with deep-pocket companies like YouTube TV and Hulu spending significant amounts of money to gain market share, Sling and DirecTV are still the market leaders with millions of subscribers. Sling TV Activate president Warren Schlichting also took to blog posts to spread the word about the Sling TV’s dedication to the service. In his post, he said, “Our team works hard to negotiate fair programming deals, with the goal of keeping your price as low as possible. Programming fees, however, only go one direction, and that’s up!"

  5. Dish's Sling TV Experiences Issues during 'Game of Thrones' Premiere Dish network launched Sling TV as a $20 a month over-the-top streaming option for people who wanted to switch from cable subscription to streaming services. The service offers streaming of live sports via ESPN and other programming from channels including AMC and TNT. And it costs an additional $15 a month to subscribe to HBO. However, the Sling TV subscribers were having a hard time logging into their accounts when Game of Thrones of was premiering on HBO. Sling TV had just managed to add HBO in its kitty of over the top programming just before the show’s premiere so that its subscribers do not miss out on the experience. But things started turned sour and angry subscribers posted on Twitter how they were finding it difficult to log into their accounts while some were complaining about a delay in accessing their programming.

  6. Sling TV’s response The company was quick to accept its flaws and addressed all the concerns of its subscribers who were finding it difficult to log into their accounts. Also, the company rectified its mistake by Sling Com Activation addressed customers' concerns by making the first episode of Game of Thrones' fifth season available on VOD immediately after the show began airing. Moreover, the CEO of Sling TV via a blog post addressed the distressed subscribers and said his team is working actively on the issue and it will be resolved soon. He also addressed how Sling has improved its service since launch. "Overall, we successfully delivered a great experience to the vast majority of our customers," he noted. "Where we truly improved was among those who may have experienced streaming errors in the past — we saw tremendous gains."

  7. However, not all subscribers were facing such issues. Most people could watch their favorite TV show without any sort of difficulty. But, this is not the first time that the subscribers of Sling TV are facing issues. Similar kind of problems were reported by the subscribers during the March Madness semi final game between Duke and Michigan state. Back then also, the company had apologized for the issue. So, Dish and Sling Com Activate needs to really pull of their socks here or the competition is such that a small fault can drive a large number of subscriber from the streaming service platform.

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