Team 3125 programming electrical subteams
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Team 3125 Programming/Electrical Subteams - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Team 3125 Programming/Electrical Subteams. 28-Oct-09 Breakout session. Cody Harris Technical Director. Introduction. Programming “Programs the robot control interface and autonomous mode” (Team 3125 Handbook) Pre-Season: Algorithm Development, Learn Syntax

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Team 3125 programming electrical subteams

Team 3125Programming/Electrical Subteams

28-Oct-09 Breakout session

Cody Harris

Technical Director


  • Programming

    • “Programs the robot control interface and autonomous mode” (Team 3125 Handbook)

    • Pre-Season: Algorithm Development, Learn Syntax

    • Build Season: Design and Implement Robot Software

    • Drive Season: Work Pit Crew, Troubleshoot

    • Post-Season: Make code accessible for next year’s team

  • Electrical

    • “Works with the mechanical team to design and implement the electronics of the robot” (Team 3125 Handbook)

    • Pre-Season: Learn Control System layout, Soldering Techniques, etc.

    • Build Season: Construct Control System, Implement Software, Wire Robot

    • Drive Season: Work Pit Crew, Troubleshoot

    • Post-Season: Ensure Control System is ready for next year’s team

Programming pre season
Programming Pre-Season

  • Algorithm Development (October – Mid-November)

    • Think Like a Computer

    • Understand Object-Oriented Programming

    • Determine necessary classes and patterns of inheritance

    • Write Pseudocode to solve a problem

  • Selection of Language (Mid-November)

    • Sun Microsystems Java Development Kit (BETA Release)

    • National Instruments LabView (Graphical Programming)

    • C/C++ with FRC API (Less specific documentation)

  • Learn Syntax of Selected Language (Mid-November – December)

Algorithm development
Algorithm Development

  • Algorithm: A method of solving a problem involving a finite series of steps

  • Binary Decision-Making

  • Flow-chart layout

  • Symbology

Think like a computer
Think Like a Computer

  • Mass Casualty Incident START Triage

Putting it all together pb j lab
Putting it all Together – PB&J Lab

  • How do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

Level of detail
Level of Detail

  • Breadth vs. Depth

Subroutines interrupts parameters returns
Subroutines, Interrupts, Parameters, Returns

  • What about breathing?

    • Repetitive tasks are defined in subroutines

    • Subroutines can be called from another method by name, or called when the program is interrupted, such as by a timer or a button press

    • A subroutine can require a parameter, or piece of data, be provided every time it is called that it will use in the routine; interrupts can pass the interrupter as a parameter

    • Once the routine is done, the program goes back to where it left off; it can pass a piece of data in return based on its execution, or it can pass void to indicate it is complete


  • Pseudocode is an abstraction of source code

    • Pseudocode is language-specific, but there are strong similarities between C/C++ and Java pseudocode

    • Pseudocode is not strictly defined, as it is for human interpretation

    • A method pseudocode would look like this:<return type> <method name>(<p 1>, <p 2>)

    • { Do something Do something else If something is true Do something OtherwiseDo something Different Return something}

Electrical pre season
Electrical Pre-Season

  • Learn Control System (October – Mid-December)

    • National Instruments “Compact RIO” Microcontroller

    • FRC Driver Station

    • Pulse Width Modulation

    • Proportional-Integral-Derivative Controller hardware

  • Tools of the Trade (October – Kickoff)

    • Soldering techniques

    • Electrical safety

    • Working with Programmers

    • Electronics Testing and Evaluation

    • Oscilliscopes

Digital side car
Digital Side Car


  • Non-Mechanical Technical Fields

    • Programming (“Brains” of the bot)

    • Electrical (“Nerves and bloodstream” of the bot”)

  • Next Workshop

    • Programming: “Skeleton Programming” for Aim High! Game

    • Electrical: How to format and work with the cRIO

  • Assistant Position

    • Effective Span of Control (1 Supervisor : 3-7 Subordinates)

    • Interested Juniors: Details at next meeting, or contact me

Future meetings
Future Meetings

  • Online Chats via Skype

  • Online IMs via AIM, FacebookIM, etc.

  • Conference Call Service

  • In-house meetings will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays

    • Mondays will be a short business meeting of the entire team to ensure subteams are coordinated

    • Wednesday meetings, by subteam, will consist of workshops; teams may meet online as an alternative when practical