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BCW Standards: Service Coordination. Presentation to: Babies Can’t Wait (BCW) Providers Presented by: BCW Technical Assistance Unit. Date: April 2012. Babies Can’t Wait Technical Assistance. Georgia’s Babies Can’t Wait. Babies Can’t Wait Technical Assistance. Bookmark Icon.

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Bcw standards service coordination

BCW Standards:

Service Coordination

Presentation to: Babies Can’t Wait (BCW) Providers

Presented by: BCW Technical Assistance Unit

Date: April 2012

Bcw standards service coordination

Babies Can’t Wait Technical Assistance


Babies Can’t Wait

Service coordinator sc
Service Coordinator (SC)

Service Coordinators:


Procedural Safeguards


Sc responsibilities
SC Responsibilities


  • Coordinate services across agency lines

  • Serve as the point of contact for parents

  • Serve as a resource to families

  • Complete intake activities

Intake activities

Service Coordinator:

Intake Activities

Georgia’s Birth to Five system of services

Program information

  • “Notice of Infant/Toddler and Family Rights Under Babies Can’t Wait”

  • Voluntary

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Intake activities1

Service Coordinator:

Intake Activities

  • Babies Can’t Wait Notice Of Action/Consent

    Obtain written informed parental consent for the evaluations and assessments

  • Department of Public Health (DPH) Authorization Release of InformationForm

    Obtain written parental consent to obtain and share information as necessary

Intake activities2

Service Coordinator:

Intake Activities

  • Physician’s Health Summary Form

  • Initial intake information used for assessment purposes

  • Family Assessment and Routines and Activities Section of the IFSP

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Intake activities3
Intake Activities

Gather information:

  • the family’s everyday routines

  • family concerns, priorities, and resources


  • topics of interest of the family

  • formal and informal supports

Intake activities4
Intake Activities

  • Obtain medical Information

  • Identify family's role in the evaluation and assessment process

  • All intake documents are completed with the family and shared with evaluators and the IFSP team.

Standard time
Standard Time

The Service Coordinator is responsible for:

A.coordinating services across agency lines, providers and settings.

B.obtaining services and assistance to address their child’s needs.

C.facilitating and participating in the development of the initial IFSP.

D. all of the above.

Service coordination
Service Coordination


Assisting in gaining access to services

Coordinating services

Facilitating the timely delivery of services

Continuously seeking appropriate services

Specific activities
Specific Activities

Coordinating evaluations and assessment;

Facilitating and participating in the development, review and evaluation of IFSP;

Assisting families in identifying available service providers and resources;

Specific activities1
Specific Activities

Coordinating and monitoring the delivery of available services;

Informing families of the availability of advocacy services;

Identifying and coordinating with medical and health providers; and

Facilitating the development of a transition plan.

Responsibilities for initial steps
Responsibilities for Initial Steps

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  • 45 day timeline

  • Physician contact

    • Authorization for Release of Information

    • Physician’s Health Summary Form

  • Explain to the family

    • the roles and functions of the early intervention team members

    • IFSP process

  • 5 day notice

  • Primary Care Provider

  • Resources for families who are ineligible

  • Initial ifsp
    Initial IFSP


    Means of participation

    Inform family of participants

    Assist family in identifying others

    Initial ifsp1
    Initial IFSP



    Review initial evaluation/assessment with family

    Assure procedural safeguards are observed

    IFSP meeting procedurally correct

    Document is handled appropriately

    Parental/legal guardian consent for EI services

    Copy of IFSP to physician (PCP)

    Enter IFSP in the Billing System within fivedays

    Standard time1
    Standard Time

    The Service Coordinator is only involved in selecting services and he/she does not have to attend IFSP nor team meetings.

    q True or q False

    Standard time2
    Standard Time

    The Service Coordinator enters all IFSP information in the Babies Information and Billing System (BIBS) for each eligible child within ____ days of completion of all initial, annual, and periodic reviews.

    A. 10 days

    B. 45 days

    C. 5 days

    Tier model of service coordination
    Tier Model of Service Coordination

    All service coordination will use a tiered/level of coordination

    Family and team identify services in the initial IFSP

    A tier service coordination worksheet is utilized

    Tier model of service coordination1
    Tier Model of Service Coordination

    The Frequency and Intensity of services is identified

    A Specific tier level of service coordination activity is assigned

    Tiered Service Coordination must be reviewed every 6 months, but visits can be added as needed when appropriate

    Tier service coordination
    Tier Service Coordination

    Frequency and intensity based on the child and family needs

    Child/family focused

    Criteria based

    Process to more effectively meet child and family’s needs

    Standard time3
    Standard Time

    All service coordination is not implemented using a tiered/level of coordination.

    q True or q False

    Standard time4
    Standard Time

    The decision on the specific tier level of service is determined by:

    A. Evaluation and Assessment results and the needs of the child and family

    B. The Medicaid billing policy

    C. The IFSP Team Leader

    The service coordinator
    The Service Coordinator


    Assist in completing the Financial Analysis for Cost Participation Form

    Ensure that the family understands their rights

    Assure the family has information to access the services identified in the plan that they will access independently

    Comply with SCEIs and CEU requirements

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    Babies can t wait technical assistance
    Babies Can’t Wait Technical Assistance

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    Babies Can’t Wait Standards:

    Service Coordination

    Bcw standards service coordination

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