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WORLD WAR I. The Spark: Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. Allied Powers Belgium Serbia England Russia France Later Italy, and U.S. and Japan BSERF. Central Powers Bulgaria Ottoman Empire Germany Austria-Hungary BOGA. The Teams . The Coaches.

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the teams
Allied Powers






Later Italy, and U.S. and Japan


Central Powers


Ottoman Empire




The Teams
the coaches
The Coaches

Central Powers

Franz Joseph, A-H Wilhelm II, Germany

Allied Powers

Czar Nicholas II, Russia, George Clemenceau, FR David Lloyd George, GB Woodrow Wilson, US

playing field7
Eastern Front

Mostly in Russia, along the German/Russian border

More mobile

Battle lines changed often (fluid)

Western Front

Mostly in France, along German/French Border

Trench Warfare

Stalemate – deadlock, where neither side gains an advantage

War of Attrition – no quick victory; each side tries to wear the other side down

Playing Field
1 st play schieffen plan
1st Play: Schieffen Plan
  • Schlieffen Plan – war plan for Germany, created by Alfred von Schlieffen
    • Plan to avoid a two front war
    • Attack France through neutral Belgium
    • Defeat French in 6 weeks before Russia can mobilize
    • Turn and fight Russia
  • Problems:
      • Heavily fortified areas in Belgium
      • Strong resistance from France
      • Russia mobilized quicker
      • Britain attacked from the north
1 st game battle of the marne
1st Game: Battle of the Marne
  • German’s advance into France
  • Pushed back by French at Marne
  • Stalemate and Trench Warfare begin
  • Ends Schlieffen Plan
which of the following correctly represents the allied powers
Which of the following correctly represents the Allied Powers
  • Austria-Hungary, Italy, Germany,
  • Serbia, Russia, France, Great Britain, Belgium
  • Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire, Germany, Austria-Hungary
  • Russia, France, Great Britain, Germany
which of the following describes the fighting on the western front
Which of the following describes the fighting on the western front?
  • Trench warfare, Stalemate
  • Mobile, Changing Battle lines
  • Fought primarily in Russia
  • Fought primarily in France
  • Both 1 and 4
  • Both 2 and 3
which of the following describes the schlieffen plan and its failure
Which of the following describes the Schlieffen Plan and its failure?
  • France’s plan to defeat Germany quickly; Belgium mobilized to quickly
  • Germany’s plan to avoid a two front war; Russia mobilized too quickly
  • Austria-Hungary’s plan to attack Serbia; Russia mobilized too quickly

Do you think we have enough food and supplies to outlast them?

Do you think we have enough food and supplies to outlast them?



These lines haven't moved for a year!

These lines haven't moved for a year!

French soldiers firing over their own dead

All Quiet on the Western Front – trench warfare (9:27)

battle of verdun

Battle of Verdun

German attack on French

Longest battle of WWI (300 days)

Total casualties – 700,000

No clear winner


battle of somme
Battle of Somme
  • British/French surprise attack against Germans
  • British losses 1st day – 60,000 men
  • Total Casualties – 1Million+
  • No clear winner
  • Stalemate
1 st game eastern front battle of tannenberg
1st Game Eastern FrontBattle of Tannenberg
  • Russia vs. Germany
  • Russian Advantages
    • Largest army (15:1 ratio Russian to German)
      • Not well trained
      • Lacked weapons
  • Russian Disadvantages
    • Least industrialized
    • Lack of Modern Technology
  • Who won?
battle of gallipoli23
Battle of Gallipoli
  • Britain’s (Winston Churchill) Game Plan :
    • Open supply route to Russia
    • Capture Dardanelle Straight gaining access to Black Sea
    • Eliminate the Ottoman Empire from the war
  • Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire – promised land by A-H to defend

Dardanelle’s at all cost

  • Allies fail
america neutral

America Neutral?

Not our war

Businesses could sell to both sides

Recent immigrants from both sides

reason for us entry
Reason for US Entry
  • Sinking of the Lusitania
  • Zimmerman Note
  • Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
sinking of the lusitania
Sinking of the Lusitania
  • German u-boat torpedoes British passenger ship off Irish coast
  • 1200 die, 128 Americans
zimmerman note
Zimmerman Note
  • Note from German Foreign Minister to German Ambassador to Mexico
    • Convince Mexico to go to war against US
    • Mexico to gain territory lost in Mex-Am War
    • Prevent U.S. from joining war in Europe
unrestricted submarine warfare
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
  • German u-boats sink military, passenger, and merchant ships on sight
  • 4 US ships sunk between Jan-Mar 1917
  • US declares war: April 2, 1917
america at war

America At War

American Expeditionary Forces

“Dough Boys”

end of war
End of War
  • Second Battle of the Marne (7/18) - Last Major German Offensive
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates
  • Armistice – Agreement to end fighting 11:00am 11/11/18
global war
Global War
  • Resources and soldiers from colonies
  • Fought in Asia and Africa - Allies gained German colonies
  • British get help from Middle East colonies of Ottoman Empire conquered the Ottoman’s – expected independence at war’s end
lives lost
Lives Lost

Russia 1,700,000

France 1,357,000

Great Britain 908,000

United States 130,174

Germany 1,800,000

Austria 1,200,000

Diseases, hunger, and other war-related causes 20,000,000

Mangled 6,000,000

wilson s fourteen points

Wilson’s Fourteen Points

Three Goals:

Ensure lasting peace

Right to choose government

League of Nations –

International body of representatives from each country with the purpose of maintaining peace

paris peace conference
Paris Peace Conference
  • 5 Separate Peace Treaties known as the Peace of Paris
  • Each Central Power Country signed a separate peace treaty
  • Central Powers not invited
  • Big 4 Allied Powers – Great Britain, US, France, Italy
treaty of versailles
Germany got a R.A.W. Deal

R.eparations – payments to victors for war damages ($33B)

A.llied Punishments

De-militarized Germany

Took Germany’s colonies

Gave Alsace Lorraine to France

Took Saar Basin (coal supplies)

Took Rhineland (buffer zone) Guilt – Germany had to accept total blame for the war

Treaty of Versailles




league of nations formed
League of Nations Formed
  • United States didn’t join
    • Congress feared it would drag us into another war
    • Weakened the power of the League of Nations
    • No power to enforce its decisions