Student Run Homeless Clinic Orientation
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Student Run Homeless Clinic Orientation 2011-2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Run Homeless Clinic Orientation 2011-2012. SRHC History . Started by UCLA Dept of Family Medicine in 1989 22 nd year Over 10,500 patients seen Salvation Army West Los Angeles Transitional Housing 1989 Samoshel 1993 Winter Shelters 2008 Society of Student-Run Free Clinics 2009.

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Presentation Transcript

Srhc history
SRHC History

Started by UCLA Dept of Family Medicine in 1989

22nd year

Over 10,500 patients seen

Salvation Army West Los Angeles Transitional Housing 1989

Samoshel 1993

Winter Shelters 2008

Society of Student-Run Free Clinics 2009

The srhc mission and goals
The SRHC Mission and Goals

  • Mission

    To provide respectful and compassionate high quality healthcare services to homeless men, women, and children

  • Goals

    To provide a Community Service Learning opportunity for medical students

    To provide free medical care to a most vulnerable population with little or no access to health services

Srhc objectives
SRHC Objectives

  • Assess and develop treatment plans for a population with little resources to manage their health

  • Learn about medical and social issues unique to the homeless population

  • Develop preventive healthcare interventions for vulnerable populations

  • Provide hands-on clinical learning opportunities for MSI/IIs

  • Provide advanced practice and teaching opportunities for MSIII/IVs

  • Develop interdisciplinary strategies

The three clinics
The Three Clinics

  • Santa Monica Shelter, aka “Samoshel” – year round

    2nd & 4th Saturdays of every month, 9 am-12 pm

    505 Olympic Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90401

  • Winter Shelter Clinics — Dec 1-March 15

    West Los Angeles National Guard Armory

    1300 Federal Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025

    Every Monday, 6-9 pm

  •  Glendale

    220 E. Colorado Street, Glendale, CA 91205

    Every other Thursday, 6-9 pm


  • Part of the Ocean Park Community Center-OPCC since September 2005 (formerly Salvation Army, Step Up on Second)

  • Approximately 110 residents

  • On-site services

    • case management

    • counseling

    • 12-step meetings

    • housing referrals

    • employment assistance

Winter shelters
Winter Shelters

2 Winter Shelters in the Los Angeles Area

  • LAHSA –Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority

  • EIMAGO – subsidiary of Union Rescue Mission

    Dec 1 – March 15

    Most destitute of the homeless

    A cot and hot meal for the night

    SRHC will expand number of WS sites THIS YEAR

Our role
Our Role

  • The Samoshel clinic focuses on providing free health care services:

  • General physical exams

  • Basic primary care treatment

  • Preventive health services

  • Referrals to appropriate facilities for additional testing, imaging, and treatment 

The most common complaints?

URI, dermatological issues, hypertension, asthma

Medications available?

Antibiotics, antiHTN, asthma/allergy, antacids, NSAIDs, topical creams

Selective msi msii
Selective – MSI & MSII

  • 16 students

  • Period of Participation: September 2011 - June 2012

  • Fulfills requirements for one selective in either the first or the second year

Selective requirements
Selective Requirements

  • Orientation Session

  • 6 clinics

  • Attendance at least 2 noon-lectures

  • Attendance at the Mid-Year (January) and end of year (May) Reflection Sessions

  • All requirements must be completed by June 1, 2012

Elective msiii msiv
Elective – MSIII & MSIV

  • Period of Participation:

    MSIII: July 2011 - June 2012

    MSIV: July 2011 - May 2012

  • FP253.03: Provides one week of 200-level credit for your fourth year electives

Elective requirements
Elective Requirements

  • Essentially 40 hrs of credit

  • Orientation Session

  • 7 clinics

  • 1 Educational Activity

    • Present to MSI/IIs on-site - skin infections, onychomycosis, alcoholism, diabetes, etc.

    • Teach MSI/IIs on-site – H&P notes, presentation, assessment

    • Facilitate a smoking cessation session

  • Attendance at mid-year (January) and end-of-year (May) Reflection Sessions

  • Can fulfill MSIV Primary Care College requirement

Lecture series all lectures from 12 1pm
Lecture Series (all lectures from 12-1pm)


  • Dispensary 101

  • H&P Notes

  • Homeless Women’s Health

  • LGBT

  • Dermatologic Issues in the Homeless

  • Harm Reduction

  • And others…


  • If you’re in the Selective/Elective – sign up on the website

  • Web sign up:

  • Clinics calendar :

  • Both components will be transferred to our new website at:

  • If you’re not in the Selective/Elective – contact Scheduling Chief, Cindy Her, [email protected]

  • Cancellation Policy

    • Must cancel by Sunday at midnight the week of clinic

    • If fail to do so?

      1st offense: WARNING

      2nd offense: extra clinic

      3rd offense: 2 extra clinic sessions & review of possible failure of Selective

What can i do as a medical student

What CAN I do as a Medical Student?

  • Take histories

  • Perform physical exams

  • Present to attendings

  • Write a note co-signed by the attending

  • Dispense medications under

    supervision of the attending

  • Administer flu vaccines

  • Grab an older student if you need help

Role of clinic chiefs
Role of Clinic Chiefs

  • Run the clinics

  • Set-up, sign-up, case assignment

  • Organize and dispense medications & referrals

  • Liasons with national organizations and conferences

  • See patients as necessary

Social history note
Social History Note

  • To be filled out for each first-time patient encounter

  • How patients got to be where they are today

  • Learn how to ask the “tough” HEADSS questions

Seeing patients
Seeing Patients

Flu shots available during flu season

Med Supply Drawers

Flu Vaccine Video

Click here

Presenting to the attending
Presenting to the Attending

… presentations are fun and full of good teaching points …

…Great time to practice presentations in a LOW STRESS environment….

Wanna be a chief
Wanna be a Chief?

  • You can become a Clinic Chief in your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year

    • Student-run clinic leadership

    • 12 diverse chief positions

    • One week of 100-level credit ORone week of 200-level creditfor MSIVs

  • New Chiefs usually start in April

    Let us know during the year if you’re interested in becoming a Chief!

Chief positions
Chief Positions

  • Number can vary from year to year

  • Applications due mid-Feb

  • Additional week of Elective credit

  • Positions


    Supplies (2)




    Winter Shelters (4)

    Samoshel (2)

Other plans
Other Plans

  • National Conference of Society of Student-Run Free Clinics 2012

    • Long Beach, CA

    • February 4, 2012

  • Inter-disciplinary connections – School of Nursing, Physical Therapy programs, UCLA Volunteer Center, Sports Teams, Dental…..

  • Fundraising events

  • Supply collections – clothing, hygiene, soaps, socks, shoes

  • Questions


    (Find it under ‘Training’  ‘Medical Student’  ‘Homeless Clinics’)