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Cloud Connectivity PowerPoint Presentation
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Cloud Connectivity

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Cloud Connectivity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cloud Connectivity. Connecting Cloud Providers to the SURFnet network. Walter van Dijk TF-MSP 27 September 2012. Agenda. Cloud Brokerage Perspective Connecting Cloud Providers: Use-cases Connectivity options: scenario’s Spotlights on NetherLight Next steps.

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Cloud Connectivity

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Presentation Transcript

Cloud Connectivity

  • Connecting Cloud Providers to the SURFnet network

Walter van Dijk

TF-MSP 27 September 2012

  • Cloud Brokerage Perspective
  • Connecting Cloud Providers:
    • Use-cases
    • Connectivity options: scenario’s
  • Spotlights on NetherLight
  • Next steps
cloud brokerage perspective
Cloud Brokerage Perspective
  • Networks are an important asset of NREN’s: leverage towards cloud providers by combining network access with connecting services:

go for the package deal

  • Especially relevant with regard to IaaSproviders: charge significantly for data transfer (e.g. Amazon)
  • SURF Vendor Management will take this up with various IaaS providers: let’s share experiences!
connecting cloud providers use cases
Connecting Cloud Providers: use cases
  • Fast & low-cost IP connectivitybetweencloud providers andourcustomers:
    • Document sharing
    • Video platforms
    • Mailfiltering
    • Et cetera
  • Dedicated P-t-P connectionsbetweencloud providers andourcustomers, requiring high bandwidthand/or security
    • Storage, back-up
    • SIP
    • Genomics datasets
    • Etc…
  • Customer infra in cloud datacenters:
    • Outsourcing ICT
    • Outsourcing housing / co-location

SURFnet - We make innovation work

connecting service providers options
Connecting Service Providers: options
  • Fast & affordable IP connectivitywithourcustomers:
    • AMS-IX peering
    • Private peering
    • Content provider connection
    • Standard Internet (baseline scenario)
  • Dedicated P-t-P connections (drivers: bandwidth & security):
    • NetherLight
  • Customer infra in datacenter
    • Additionalconnection in datacenter



N* 100 GE

N* 100 GE

10 GE


1 GE

100 GE

surfinternet ams ix
SURFinternet: AMS-IX



At what cost?

Scenario: a service provider (e.g. Blackboard) wants toprovide services toourcustomers.

Efficientuse of upstream capacity

Both the SP and SURFnet are connectedto AMS-IX.

Peering on AMS-IX is realized.

Costs: € 0,=

surfinternet content provider connection
SURFinternet: Content provider connection



At what cost?

Scenario: a service provider providesvideoconferencing services toourcustomers. A high-capacityconnection is required.

Performance is important, high capacityrequired.

Service provider realizesconnectiontoone of ourPoP’sandconnects on a dedicated port.

IP traffic mayonlyberoutedtowardsinstitutesconnectedto SURFnet

Connection mayonlybeusedforconnecting services.

Cost: € 1900,= /month(chargedto SP)

surfinternet via standard internet baseline scenario
SURFinternet: Via standard Internet (baseline scenario)

Why not?


At what cost?

Scenario: a service provider deliverswebhosting services toourcustomers.

Performance & capacity are ‘goodenough’

Traffic volumes are moderate andhence impact on upstream traffic is low

Standard internet connectivity via SURFnet’sexisting AMS-IX peers or upstream providers

Costs: € 0,=

lightpaths netherlight
Lightpaths: NetherLight



At what cost?

Scenario: a service provider offers storage services to SURFnet connectedinstitutions.

Guaranteedbandwidth, low latencycrucialfor performance.

Services should act as virtual part of the infrastructure of the customer.

One-on-onerelationbetween customer and service provider.

Service provider connectstoNetherLight. SP canbereachedby means of lightpathsbyone or more SURFnet connectedinstitutions.

Cost: 1G: €500/month, 10G: €1200/month(charged at SP)

+ tarifflightpathtoNetherLight(charged at institution)

connecting cloud services via netherlight
Connecting Cloud Services via NetherLight

Cloud B

Cloud A

Cloud C


core values netherlight
Core values NetherLight

SURFnet facilitatesinterconnects on a globalscalebetweenR&E networks, international carriers and (cloud) service providers.

SURFnet strivestousecutting-edgenetworkingtechnology.

SURFnet promotescompetitionandinnovationandhence supports anopen connection policy (anyonecanconnect) andimposes no usepolicieswithregardto the traffic on the interconnects.

SURFnet activelycontributestointernationalconnectionswithothernetworks, preferablyusing Open Exchanges in order toenhancehighereducationand research purposes.

NetherLight …
  • Is aninternational exchange point for (OnDemand) lightpathsfor the exchange anddistribution of scientific data


  • Functions as a ‘market place’ where service providers are encouragedto offer their services toourcustomers


  • Couldbecome a ‘market place’ where service providers are encouragedtoconnect services targetedtoyourcustomers as well

Tariff example

Cloud service provider

1Gbit/s = € 500 p/m

Interconnect’sfor free


250 Mbit/s Lightpath

Fixed Protected € 350 p/m

Or via MSP

750 Mbit/s Lightpaht

Fixed Protected € 1050 p/m

Or via MSP

SURFnet connected institution

SURFnet connected institution




housing in datacenter additional connection
Housing in Datacenter: Additional connection



At what cost?

Scenario: a service provider provideshousing services toaninstitutionconnectedto SURFnet. Rackspace is offered in a datacenter

Guaranteedbandwidth, latency is crucial.

Services should act as part of institution’s infra domain.

Locationselectedby customer i.c.w service provider.

One-on-onerelationbetween customer and service provider.

Connection is realizedfor customer in datacenter. At this new PoPboth IP andlightpathscanbeprovisioned.

Cost: € 2500,= /month + tariffforlightpath(customer is charged)

next steps
Next steps
  • Various NREN’s have initiated ‘cloud brokerage’:
    • How do we organize exchange of experience?
    • How can we leverage advantages of collaboration within our community (scale, standards etc)?
    • Should TF-MSP function as an ‘umbrella’?



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