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3 Easy Steps to Digitize Your Study Notes PowerPoint Presentation
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3 Easy Steps to Digitize Your Study Notes

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3 Easy Steps to Digitize Your Study Notes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Messy and inaccurate notes are more likely to confuse you rather than help you. There are many powerful gadgets and digital tools available to overcome these difficulties.

Here are 3 ways you can take advantage of note-taking technology!

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To see more about digitizing study notes see the original post here:http://www.developgoodhabits.com/digitize-study-notes/

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3 Easy Steps to Digitize Your Study Notes

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. @habitsguy Easy Easy Steps Steps to Your Study Notes Study Notes

    2. Many students in order to boost the .

    3. But messy and are more likely to you rather than help you.

    4. There are many and available to overcome these difficulties.

    5. But many learners still use and academic challenges and jot down their thoughts. use to tackle the

    6. What pays off the most is an effort to get the of .

    7. OLD OLD- -SCHOOL SCHOOL Typing notes on the keyboard is quite time- consuming.

    8. A better alternative is to scan the notes in PDF and make the data in a shorter amount of time. and

    9. You can then using file storage cloud- based platforms.

    10. APPLICATION APPLICATION Use your smartphone’s camera to convert notes into digital format.

    11. It of scanners that can be integrated with this application. a plethora , including

    12. The is and notebooks can .

    13. MICROSOFT MICROSOFT OneNote OneNote This program allows users to input text, images, media files and even drawings into digital notebook.

    14. for every bit of information is effortless, and is flawless.

    15. OneNote supports , which means you can align text and other objects the way you please.

    16. is a Read the blog post tech-savvy psychology professor, who considers herself more of a student since she is constantly in the process of learning. She combines her love of technology, teaching and traveling with her work.

    17. Grab your copy of…

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