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Learning Objective

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Learning Objective

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Learning Objective

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  1. Learning Objective • Today we will identify compare and contrast patterns1 in informational text. • 1 ways in which text is organized

  2. Activate Prior Knowledge • Snoopy and Lucky are both dogs. Snoopy is a poodle, but Lucky is a collie. Snoopy likes to go to the park. Lucky likes to go, too. Unlike Snoopy, Lucky likes to chew socks. Both of them entered a dog show. Snoopy won first place. Lucky came in last because he barked too much. • CFU: How are the dogs the same? How are Snoopy and Lucky different? We already know how to identify when things are alike and different. Today, we will identify text that is written this way.

  3. Concept Development part I • Text written in compare and contrast pattern tells how two or more things are the same or different. • Compare means to tell how things are similar, the same, or alike. • Contrast means to tell how things are different. • Informational text is writing that tells facts about something. • Encyclopedias and writing on history and science are examples of informational text.

  4. Concept Development part II • Frogs and Toads • Frogs and toads both have big mouths and sticky tongues. Frogs have long back legs for leaping. Toads have short back legs to hop from one place to another. • CFU: (pair share) What does a text in a compare and contrast pattern tell? • Which statement below is compare and contrast number 1 or number 2? Why? • 1. My brother likes soccer, but I like baseball. We both like to watch TV. • 2. My brother’s name is Mike. He likes to play soccer.

  5. Importance • It is important to identify the pattern of compare and contrast in informational text. • So you will better understand text and tells how things are the same or different. • To do well on state tests. The Frog and the Toad was on the 4th grade STAR test. • You can write showing how 2 or more things are the same and different. • CFU: Are there any other reasons why identifying compare and contrast text is important? (pair share ) Why is it important to identify the structural pattern of compare and contrast? You can give me my reason, another student’s reason, or your own reason.

  6. Closure • 1. What is compare and contrast text structure? • 2. Why is it important to identify compare and contrast patterns in informational text? (pair share) • 3. Which is the compare and contrast structural pattern? 1. Ana and Martha are both 8 years old. Ana’s favorite sport is basketball. Martha, on the other hand, doesn’t like sports. No one would ever guess they are twins. • 2. Yesterday, I went to the grocery store. Today, I went to visit my grandmother. Tomorrow, I am going to the zoo.

  7. Independent Practice • Good work! Now please do the worksheet your teacher has passed out to show what you have learned!