web governance the edinburgh approach 10 th may 2010 n.
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Web Governance: the Edinburgh Approach 10 th May 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Governance: the Edinburgh Approach 10 th May 2010

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Web Governance: the Edinburgh Approach 10 th May 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web Governance: the Edinburgh Approach 10 th May 2010. What’s being covered in the presentation:. How Edinburgh set up its initial Governance What we’ve learnt over 2 years Changes to Web Governance The future for the Council. Web Governance. Web Content Management Project 2005/8

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Presentation Transcript
what s being covered in the presentation
What’s being covered in the presentation:
  • How Edinburgh set up its initial Governance
  • What we’ve learnt over 2 years
  • Changes to Web Governance
  • The future for the Council
web governance
Web Governance
  • Web Content Management Project 2005/8
  • Devolved publishing approach agreed
  • Initial Governance requirements
web governance1
Web Governance
  • Governance structure
    • Council Web Board
    • Website Editors group
    • Intranet Management group
    • Departmental Editorial groups
web governance2
Web Governance
  • Management and Control
    • Web and New Media Team role
      • a corporate administrative and management role
      • providing training trouble-shooting, content management
      • control the structure of the Intranet
    • Council Websites Manager
      • Operational websites management
      • Delivering Council vision for the web
      • Promoting use of the web
web governance3
Web Governance
  • Council Web Board
    • the development and quality of content on the corporate websites
    • consistency and quality in website presentation of business applications
    • recommendations for web developments
    • developing and maintaining prioritised plans for technical and content development
    • agreeing policies and frameworks to support Council web standards
  • Website Editors Group/Intranet Management Group
    • the development and quality of content for the sites in accordance with Council business and user needs
    • consistency and quality in presentation
    • recommendations for business enhancements to the websites
    • development and implementation of the Web Vision and Strategy
    • proposing policies and frameworks to support Council web standards
web governance4
Web Governance
  • Dept Editors and Editorial groups
    • Discuss content management, issues and development
    • Identify gaps
    • Agree priorities
  • Publishers – creating, editing and deleting content
web governance5
Web Governance

Council Web Board

Council Websites Manager

Dept Board Reps

Intranet Management Group

Website Editors Group

Dept Master Editors

Departmental Editorial Groups


web governance issues
Web Governance - issues
  • Main issues with this approach
    • Lack of formal recognition for publishers
    • Dept Editors trying to work around other responsibilities
    • Not enough input to Council Web Board
    • Council did not see the web as a priority
web governance6
Web Governance
  • New Web Services Project 2010/11
    • New Web Governance Approach
    • Culture-change process for Council
    • Drivers for change:
      • Channel Change – avoidable contact
      • Business Efficiencies (Council savings)
      • Income Generation
      • Internet usage (explosion of online use)
web governance7
Web Governance
  • New Web Governance approach
    • Council Web and New Media Board
    • 1 FTE Web Coordinator per department
    • Departmental Web Board and Editorial Groups
    • Publishers with identified web role
    • Training and support recognised
    • Workflow offline and online
    • full content lifecycle management and guidelines
web governance8
Web Governance

New Web Governance approach 2010

web governance9
Web Governance
  • Departmental Web Board
    • development and quality of department online presence
    • recommendations for web developments across the department and in partnerships
    • management of the department’s web publishers
    • developing and managing a departmental web plan
web governance10
Web Governance
  • Web Coordinator role
    • Leading the strategy for implementation, management and development of department web services
    • Leading the transformational change required to ensure their department can meet the challenges of the web
    • Improving communications and collaborations within departments
    • Developing a departmental web strategy which aligns with the Corporate Web Strategy
web governance11
Web Governance
  • Publishers role
    • Create, manage, edit and delete content on the Council website and Intranet, and any associated web platforms
    • Ensure the quality, consistency and accuracy of content
    • Produce customer focused content
    • Follow agreed Council web standards
    • work collaboratively with other divisions or departments
    • identify priorities for content development
web governance12
Web Governance
  • Role of the Website Development/ Intranet Development Groups
    • All the responsibilities of the previous groups
  • A rolling programme of:
    • Content review
    • Content development
    • Usability and accessibility testing
    • Site performance and review
web governance13
Web Governance
  • Culture change in the Council
    • Council Management Team buy-in
    • Senior Managers briefings
    • Engagement sessions in all departments
    • External speakers to promote the approach
    • Rolling programme of promotion and continued marketing on benefits
web governance14
Web Governance
  • Training
    • Initial ‘creating customer-focused content’ course
      • Online community for knowledge sharing and problem solving
      • Mentor groups
      • ‘Buddy’ culture
    • Publisher training for Jadu
      • Online community
      • Layered training – depending on level of use
      • Delivery of online training support
web governance15
Web Governance
  • Content Standards including:
      • Advice and guidance on accessibility standards
      • Checklists and guidance for publishing
      • Content criteria
      • Content format standards – including documents, images and multimedia
      • Content Policy and Quality guidelines
      • Content approval, review and removal protocols
      • Usability guidelines and advice
      • Use of the Council Brand
      • Writing style and tone protocols
web governance16
Web Governance
  • Final Thoughts:
    • Online delivery is now recognised as a core business requirement
    • Benefits are clear now to the Council for both external and internal use
    • Staff will get the time and recognition to carry out their online role
    • Fully believe that the new Web Governance approach will work to deliver online services
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