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ASP2012 Budget Status

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ASP2012 Budget Status - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ASP2012 Budget Status. Kétévi A. Assamagan BNL. Collection of pledges. We are 2.5 months away from the start of APS2012 We need to start collecting all the pledges into ASP2012 Team Accounts at CERN Recent activities $10,000 from Fermilab , transfer done

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ASP2012 Budget Status

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asp2012 budget status

ASP2012 Budget Status

Kétévi A. Assamagan


collection of pledges
Collection of pledges
  • We are 2.5 months away from the start of APS2012
  • We need to start collecting all the pledges into ASP2012 Team Accounts at CERN
  • Recent activities
    • $10,000 from Fermilab, transfer done
    • Collection of contributions from BNL and NiTHeP in progress
    • Contact AIMS-NEI regarding their funding pledge for ASP2012. In progress
    • SA-CERN will pay transportation and living expenses for 3 lecturers from South Africa
    • CERN. CHF 10,000 promised with travels for some CERN lecturers. Being collected
  • To be followed up on
    • UIPAP. Support for female students.
    • EPFL and PSI. No news of any contribution and collection of funds.
    • The African Physical Society. $5k promised. Money still to be raised and delivered.
  • If we are successful to collect all the pledges made in 3. and 4. above, we will still be about 10 kEuros in the red considering the original budget.
for the students
For the Students
  • We have selected 56 students of which 13 are local – no air tickets
  • We had budgeted an average of 700 Euros for the air ticket for students not in Ghana. We have expected 55 such students but now we will have 43. We have +8,400 Euros but air tickets will get more expensive if we do not buy them soon (as we get to close to the summer)! We will reserve this surplus for the likely increase in air ticket costs.
  • We have budgeted 50 Euros per day per student for student living expenses.
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the students
    • Originally 70 students. Originally 20 days. Thus 70 kEuros.
    • Now we have 56 students for 25 days. 49 kEuros according to the LOC’s recent estimate. We expect to save +21 kEuros here!
for the lecturers
For the lecturers
  • We expect to pay the travel and accommodations for 8 lecturers + 2 organizers at the rate of 700 Euros. Thus 7 kEuros. The original budget was 18,200 Euros for 26 lecturers and organizers. We save +11,200 Euros here.
  • All other lecturers agreed to cover transportation and living expenses from other sources
  • Living expenses
    • Breakfast is included in the hotel price
    • Lunch is provided for the lecturers as well but no dinner!
    • We had budgeted 15,128 Euros. According the recent LOC’s estimate 12,692 Euros. We save +2435.69 Euros
revised estimates
Revised Estimates
  • Compared to the original budget, based on the reduced number of students, the limited number of lectures for whom we have pay, and the more accurate estimates from the LOC:
    • We expect to save about 34 kEuros
  • However!
    • We are still missing 10 kEuros
    • There are 20 kEuros to come from Within Ghana that we do not expect anymore
  • Conclusions
    • If we can collect all the pledges and promised supports, we will just break even. We have 8,400 + 4,000 ~ 12 kEuros towards increased in air tickets
    • If we can raise the missing 10 kEuros, that will be used for contingencies …