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Leveraging Google+ Features to Build Community Tuesday, April 30, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Leveraging Google+ Features to Build Community Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Leveraging Google+ Features to Build Community Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leveraging Google+ Features to Build Community Tuesday, April 30, 2013. Lucie deLaBruere, Higher Education Adjunct at University of Vermont, GradSchool of Marlboro College St. Michael’s College. Webinar Tips.

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Presentation Transcript

Leveraging Google+ Features to Build Community

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lucie deLaBruere, Higher Education Adjunct at University of Vermont,GradSchool of Marlboro CollegeSt. Michael’s College


Webinar Tips

  • For better audio/video, close other applications (like Skype) that use bandwidth.
  • Use the chat box to ask questions and share comments.
  • The recording of the webinar and the slides will be posted on the ETLO webinar page:
  • Tweeting? Use the hashtag#etlo

About EdTech Leaders Online

  • Goal: Build capacity to use online learning to meet educational goals
  • Based at EDC (education non-profit) since 1999
  • For states, districts, regional centers, universities, other educational organizations
  • Over 4500 online facilitators trained in 36 states
  • Online facilitator & course design programs
  • 70+ online courses, including for Common Core
  • Custom course development
  • Learning Community, facilitated model

Explore Google+ features that support the building of community online

  • Google Plus Profiles
  • Google Circles
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Communities
  • Google+ Events
  • Google+ Pages

Discuss can these features can be used to create powerful connections in your online learning environment



  • Do you currently have a G+ account?
                • A. Yes – Personal Google Account
                • B. Yes – School related Google Account
                • C. Multiple (Personal and School) Google Accounts
                • D. Not yet

Poll 2

How often do you view or post to Google+

A. View only occasionally

B. View only regularly

C. View AND post occasionally

D. View AND post regularly

E. None of the above (yet)


Discuss your current use of Google+

For those of you who use it-

describe a way in which you currently use it

Personally? Professionally?

Enter your responses in the chat box.


Personalize your Profile

help your students or online community relate to you as a person


Does your Google Plus Presence

  • Provide - High Quality Content
  • Support (not) Overwhelm Technology Overwhelm Content Overwhelm
  • Provide opportunities for you to build Human Infrastructure
  • Support the social elements of learning
  • Help you know learners on a more personal level
  • Provide ways to make connections with participants

Pros and Cons of multiple Google+ Accounts

  • Digital Identity is distributed
  • Multiple Identify is confusing to others
  • Mobile G+ doesn’t switch between identifies

The New InBox?

Your Stream ~ Start a Hangout ~ Chat ~ Events + More

sharing liking and resharing
Sharing, Liking, and Resharing

Click ‘date’ to get permalink

tips for using google circles
Tips for Using Google Circles
  • People can only see you added them to a Circle (NOT which Circle)
  • People can be in multiple Circles
  • Organize circles by how you interact with them
    • Hangout, share, search Gmail
  • Manage Home Stream
  • Mute Post
  • Remove People
  • Find out post is shared
who can see my g posts
Who Can See My G+ Posts

Carefully consider


Student Safety

Ethics & Etiquette

Great presentation that helps clarify who can see your G+Post by Bjorn Behrendtl

g communities
G+ Communities
  • Successful
  • Online Communities
  • Fill a Need
  • Have a Focus
  • Use Intentional Design strategies
  • Evolve
  • Revolve around Human Infrastructure

Use G+ Ongoing Communication

  • Understand Opt IN and OUT Options in Google Plus
  • Consider Distributed Leadership
  • Provides Support/Connect Opportunities (need-driven)
  • Use G+ to Feature Member/Student Voices
  • Make your purpose evident on your G+ Page Community

If you build it, will they will come?

Effective communities have intentionaldesign and facilitation

Sustainable communities are needs-driven, dynamic and nimble


google communities public private
Google+ Communities (Public & Private)
  • Public communities –anyone can join.
  • Public but moderator approval needed to join
  • Private but people can find you through search and request to (only members of the community can see existing members and their posts)
  • Private communities hidden from search – invitation only, community hidden from search
    • members and their posts are viewable only to existing members
successful g communities
Successful G+ Communities
  • Welcome members
  • Link your community to your course website
  • Engage participants and watch daily
    • Post
    • Leave comments
    • +1 post
  • Create Hangouts & Events
  • Use G+ Mobile
  • Assign moderators
  • Communicate purpose with your name & tagline
  • Create a good first impressions with a photo (200 X 250 pixels)
  • Set expectations using the ‘About’ section
  • Guide conversation with discussion categories

The key to keeping your learning community alive?

From EdTech Leaders Webinar – Keys to Keeping Your Online Community AliveTuesday, January 29, 2013

Kirsten Peterson

Human Infrastructure!

  • Learning is Social
  • Connection
  • Collaboration
  • Authenticity
  • Interpersonal Design

Apply ETLO Best Practices

to your Google+ Communities

See previous webinars for more on Facilitation Tips and Tools that provide strategies for keeping online communities alive.



Record/Stream your Google Hangout

  • Why Record
  • -Tutorials
  • - Help Sessions
  • -Small Group Presentation
  • -Authentic Audience
  • -ePortfolio Artifacts
  • Why Not Record
  • Privacy
  • Open Dialogue

Great users guide on conducting Google Hangouts on Air by Hemant Charya

leverage google pages
Leverage Google+ Pages

Share photos, videos, links, and other interesting content publicly from an organization, project, course.

Encourage people to add your page to their circles so your PAGES posts will appear in their stream

Once people add your page to their circles, you can add them back.



Enter your questions in the chat box.


Contact Information

Lucie deLaBruere



Join us for a future webinar!

ETLO Spring Webinar Series:

Next Webinar:

Thursday, May 16, 3:00 PM ET

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