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Internet Of Things definition used PowerPoint Presentation
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Internet Of Things definition used

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Internet Of Things definition used - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internet Of Things definition used

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Cluster of European Research Projects on the Internet of ThingsWorkshop on Internet of Things Opening - IEEE Wireless Vitae 200919 May 2009 – Aalborg DenmarkCoordinator of CERP-IoT ETSI European Telecommunications Standards InstituteCERP-IoT EC Secretary,

    2. Internet Of Things definition used We are working in the context of the CASAGRAS (*) vision of the IoT with 2 definitions: “A world where ‘things’ can automatically communicate to computers and each other, providing services for the benefit of human kind” Ian Smith (President AIM UK) – CASAGRAS Coordinator (*)

    3. “A global network infrastructure, linking physical and virtual objects through the exploitation of data capture and communications capabilities. This infrastructure includes existing and evolving Internet and network developments. It will offer specific object-identification, sensor and connection capability as the basis for the development of independent federated services and applications. These will be characterised by a high degree of autonomous data capture, event transfer, network connectivity and interoperability” Anthony Furness, CTO of the European Centre of Excellence for AIDC - CASAGRAS Technical Coordinator

    4. What is the CERP-IoT? • The Cluster is bringing EU-funded projects together to define and promote a common vision of the Internet of Things (IoT) • The main objectives of the Cluster are: • Facilitate networking of different RFID and IoT projects in Europe • Coordinate research activities in IoT including RFID • Leverage expertise, talents, and resources and maximize impact • Establish synergies between projects

    5. List of CERP-IoT Projects and Participants AMI-4-SME, Harald Sundmaeker ASPIRE, Neeli Prasad BRIDGE, Henri Barthel CASAGRAS, Ian Smith CE-RFID, Gerd Wolfram CoBIS, Stephan Haller CuteLoop, Harald Sundmaeker Dynamite, Kenneth Holmberg ETP EPoSS, Alessandro Bassi EU-IFM, Inge Meister EURIDICE, Paolo Paganelli GRIFS, Stephane Pique HYDRA, Markus Eisenhauer Indisputable Key, Richard Uusijärvi iSURF, Asuman Dogac LEAPFROG, Lutz Walter PEARS Feasibility, Humberto Moran PRIME, Marit Hansen PrimeLife, Dieter Sommer PROMISE, DimitrisKiritsis RACE networkRFID, Remi Ronchaud SMART, Kostas Thiveos SMMART, Jean-Louis Boucon StoLPaN, AndrásVilmos SToP, Harald Vogt TraSer, ZsoltKemeny AITPL Cluster, Markus Rabe FInES Cluster, Sergio Gusmeroli In 19 May CERP-IoT meeting we plan to add: CASCADAS, WALTER and EUWB

    6. Achievements so far • Regular meetings of the Cluster, web site, mailing list • Working Paper on RFID research needs (CE RFID 2007) • 2008: Adoption of a new scope to move from RFID to the broader scope of the Internet of Things • Collaboration with Japan, Korea, US, China on IoT issues • Past contribution to the EU RFID Expert Group (RFID Mandate, Recommendation and IoT Communication) • Participation to important RFID and IoT workshops • Members of the cluster involved in numerous RFID and IoT EU activities (calls for proposals, action plans, thematic network etc.)

    7. Focus areas 2009 The CERP-IoT will focus on the following tasks in 2009: • Publication of an IoT strategic research agenda/roadmap (SRA) • Publication of CERP-IoT Cluster book (planned for fall 2009) • IoT contributions in high level events and conferences • Identification of concrete areas of cooperation • Reinforcement of network synergies with the EU RFID Thematic Network “RACE networkRFID”, CASAGRAS and GRIFS

    8. Cluster IoT Strategic Research Agenda/roadmap (SRA) • Methodology used and Structure of the study • From CASAGRAS to CERP-IoT projects and experts visions • State of the art, vision, identified research needs, challenges and conclusion • Identified IoT sources in the EU context & global dialogue • SRA Coordination with FInES Cluster and FIA/RWI

    9. CERP-IoT Coordinator CERP-IoT EC Secretary: