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联系人:孙晓龙   邮箱 :   手机 : 15169377877 PowerPoint Presentation
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联系人:孙晓龙   邮箱 :   手机 : 15169377877

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联系人:孙晓龙   邮箱 :   手机 : 15169377877 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Contact: Wang Yanmei Tel: +86-533-6293633 . 联系人:孙晓龙   邮箱 :   手机 : 15169377877. Conference Background.

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Contact: Wang Yanmei Tel: +86-533-6293633

联系人:孙晓龙   邮箱  手机:15169377877


Conference Background

In the first half of 2014, on the back of the badly battered pig and poultry markets, the feed output and profit rate both slid significantly in the first quarter; The feed industry total output is expected to decline in the first half of 2014.The news from supply continued to push up the feed raw material prices. Pig grain ratio dropped over, and hog prices rebounded. But it still can not shake off the loss, and poultry market is hard to recover from the bird flu hit quickly. It is highly debatable whether wash the ship incident impacts of the imports of soybean, and how the soybean meal supply will be. Considering the GMO detection restriction in DDGS import and the low operating rates in domestic alcohol plants, will the alcohol prices constantly rise up? As the port inventory reaches the five-year high, will fish meal market face improvements? Given the fair unconventional feed market as well as the quickly developed aquatic feed market, what kind of changes will the feed raw material market be confronted with?

In order to grasp feed ingredients market at home and abroad in 2014 accurately and the future industrial layout, SCI invites suppliers, demanders, industry experts, academics and other logistics to gather in Jinan, to analyze the feedstuff price formation and pricing methods intensively. The meeting will discuss the problem of soybean and soybean meal, rapeseed and rapeseed meal, corn meal and DDGS, fishmeal in supply and demand, pricing model and logistics, import and export monitoring. And we hope that through the explanations and communications with experts we could grasp the feedstuff market trend synthetically and profoundly. The participants will receive the new layout from the view of industry chain point!

Bright Spots

1. The influence of soybean and rapeseed’s purchase and storage policy changes on soya bean meal and rapeseed meal, market pricing model and sales model changes

2. Unconventional feed development, DDGS import monitoring schedule and national policy analysis, feed industry running state

3. Meal products supply and demand data, how feed enterprises to price and to gain profit?

4. The conference carries out supply exhibition and demand negotiation segments, helping the circulation of goods.

Conference Organization

Conference Features

【Host】Sublime China Information Group Co., Ltd.

【Place】Jinan, China

【Date】August 20 - 21 (Wednesday - Thursday)

【Charge Standard】$300/person

(Remarks: it includes fees for material, dinners, expert consultation and business tour. We could assist to arrange the accommodation at your own expense.)

The special exhibition booth can provide a platform for both suppliers and buyers of the feed industry to really know each other. The scale of the exhibition booth is estimated around 100.

The participants will be presented with a book about DDGS market guide, covering DDGS basic knowledge, as well as the basic introduction of market players.

Top 50 registrations will be given exhibition booths. First come first served!