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Social Media. FOR Guidance counsellors. AGENDA Social Media Mini-View How do we use it? How might you use it?. Social Media mini-view. At the CDC, we utilize three forms of social media:

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social media

Social Media

FOR Guidance counsellors


Social Media Mini-View

How do we use it?

How might you use it?


Social Media mini-view

At the CDC, we utilize three forms of social media:

Blogs – opinion-based articles relating to specific interests (careers, assessments, personal issues, etc.)

Social Networks – interactive online community forums for relationship building.

Video Networks – channel for users to share user-generated content.


Social Media mini-view

What we are striving to achieve:

a) Personal Development

b) Career Development

c) Promotion & Marketing

Student & Professional Self



  • How do we use blogs?
  • Personal Development
  • Provides a formal and structured outlet for students to process their thoughts on daunting topics like planning their career
  • An effective platform to help students refine and showcase their writing skills
  • Results in a sense of feeling valued and that they are making a contribution


  • How do we use blogs?
  • Career Development
  • For Student:
  • Identify blogs that students can follow that will speak to their individual interests/issues
  • Helps to alleviate the need to be an expert in every field
  • For Self:
  • Career Consultants follow blogs on any topic that aids further learning


  • How do we use blogs?
  • Promotion
  • Younger generations are trending away from receiving news that is ‘pushed’ to them by authority
  • Within the student’s personal blog entries, they promote our resources and events and then the promotion becomes a lateral, peer to peer engagement

How do we use ?

Social networks


Social networks

  • How do we use LinkedIn?
  • Personal and Career Development
  • Advocate the use of LinkedIn to students to identify informational interview contacts
  • Promotion
  • Laurier Career Centre Group – platform for sharing information with our students and alumni

Create & join groups

  • How might you use Linked In?
  • Create:
  • A parent group as a means of keeping parents informed on guidance topics
  • A Guidance Counsellor of Ontario group
  • Join LinkedIn Groups that relate to:
  • SW Ontario colleges and universities
  • Studying Internationally
  • Volunteer organizations/NFP’s
  • Personal and social issues – eating disorders, depression, anxiety, sexuality, substance abuse…etc.
  • You may wish to start a parent group as a means of keeping parents informed.

Social networks

How do we use Twitter?


Social networks

  • How do we use Facebook?
  • Personal Development
  • Zero (to little) personal engagement – be aware of your organizations’ policies
  • Career Development
  • We very actively inform students that it is essential to:
    • Keey privacy settings at a maximum
    • Maintain a professional online presence
    • …as it can certainly affect job prospects

What employers are saying

79% of hiring managers and job recruiters review online information about job applicants before making hiring decisions

70% have rejected candidates based on information they found online.


Social networks

  • How do we use Facebook?
  • Promotion
  • Laurier Career Centre Facebook Group – another means of promoting our workshops, events and services

Social networks

  • What you can do regarding Facebook?
  • Create and monitor a Group for your students expressly for promoting important information or events (again, this will depend on policies)
  • Generate resources or assemblies to educate your students on risks. Example…

video networks

  • How do we use You Tube?
  • What might you do?
  • Create a YouTube channel for your school. Research and bookmark on your channel videos relating to:
    • Universities/colleges who have admissions videos
    • Career-planning /vocational themed videos
    • Study skills/learning issues
    • Teen angst, counselling related issues
  • Perhaps you can identify students in your school who may wish to put together a video on a topic of importance

“Social Networking that matters is helping people archive their goals. Doing it reliably and repeatedly so that over time people have an interest in helping you achieve your goals.”

Seth Godin, Seth’s Blog