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Revision tips. Work Smart, Not Long Know what you are going to revise and set yourself  targets  so that you work effectively.

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revision tips
Revision tips

Work Smart, Not Long

Know what you are going to revise and set yourself targets so that you work effectively.

Revise in short sessions of up to 90-minutes, then take a break and do something entirely different so that your brain can use the downtime to process the information you have just taken in.

Make your Revision Process Active

Along with using notes to record key points, consider using any of the following:

Index Cards

Flash Cards

Route Maps / Mind Maps / Concept Maps / Spider Diagrams

Learning Posters and Visual Material

Key Words, Phrases or Mnemonics



Reserving time for thinking is more valuable than you might think - so do more thinking, less note taking.

Thinking in different places, especially about the things you find most difficult can be a very effective strategy. Take some notes with you as back up.


Attempt examination questions, but have access to mark schemes. Do make use of as wide a resource base as you can, including the library, internet and your class notes. But take care to know what you're looking for, or you'll get distracted easily.

Use the Smartcloud to contact teachers

Build on your strengths and stay positive

Find the best time to revise - decide on your most alert times of day (morning, afternoon or evening) and select the best two.



Rest - Sleep affects performance

Enjoy - Be creative in revision

Repeat - Little and often works better than trying to understand everything at one time

Unstress - The brain can only focus on 'escape' when stressed

Nutrition - Water and sugar help in the conduction of nerve impulses

focus on success
Focus on success
  • Some people believe that your brain can be fooled into performing successfully by using positive thinking.
  • For exam revision purposes you could imagine yourself in the exam room answering the questions with confidence and ease.
  • The more you practice this technique the more you are likely to do it for real when the all-important time comes.
extra tips for the examinations basic stuff really thestudentroom co uk
Extra tips for the examinations(basic stuff really) –

•If you’re ill on the day of the exam you may be able to apply for special consideration.

•On the day of the exam eat a good breakfast. Many recommend a banana and it does help. It’s potassium-rich and is known to be consumed by top tennis players.

•For an essay based subject used a smooth pen.

•Obviously take a watch to the exam and take it off and lay it on the desk. This way you won’t waste any time doing up your sleeve etc.

•Check the time and date of the exam

•If you have a panic attack, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

•Take water to the exam.

•This sounds ridiculous but exercise your hand. This way you won’t get a cramp. This mostly works for essay based subjects.