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Small Business Computer Network PowerPoint Presentation
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Small Business Computer Network

Small Business Computer Network

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Small Business Computer Network

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  2. Who we are? And what you can get from us We are not only providing one of the best IT services we can make sure of that our consultant will give you the best of there knowledge .we know that there are so many companies which are providing the same services but we stand different from them and you can realize it through our best services.


  4. MANAGED SERVICES We Take initiative to change your business needs and manage your business according to it so you can easily handle the business without any pressure of loosing your data .we manage your all computers as well as your servers and keep on tracking of your all devices to check that it is working frequently and no one is excising your data without your permission.

  5. BUSINESS CONTINUITY No one knows what can be happen in future and for the security purpose we need to secure our business. Sterling technology services provides the best of disaster recovery strategy so we can plan out that how to secure your business so in future you can access your data from anywhere .

  6. TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING Sterling technology provides technology consulting services to your business. As we know with the time technology is changing and we have to update ourselves with it to make our business more strong. Starling technology gives you surety of that we will upgrade your business time to time so you can freely work.

  7. E-MAIL MIGRATION SERVICES If you want to migrate your business mails with a new platform our team will provide you the another platform where you can easily aces your mails and it can be used as a business purpose like In organization one platform for all to share your valuable information. We also provide a clod solution to your business so you can transfer your all mails on cloud for better reachbility and to secure your all business information

  8. IT SECURITY In present time we know that cyber security becomes a big issue for any business and we know that how can we make it secure by just adding some IT parameters . In many organizations data were lost just because of they ignore the facts of losing it . There are so many companies who lost there clients as well as there customers Sterling technology find outs the loop holes and threads which can harm your business and find out the best solution to make it secure .We provide end tot end protection to our clients so they can get whatever they actually want in there business

  9. CONTACT US Physical Address: 4108 Park Rd., Suite 410 Charlotte, NC 28209 Mailing Address: 338 S. Sharon Amity Rd., #222 Charlotte, NC 28211 (704) 271-5001