Obtaining discretionary effort from your staff
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Obtaining Discretionary Effort from Your Staff. Phillip Rosebrook Business Mentors. Definition.

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Obtaining discretionary effort from your staff l.jpg

Obtaining Discretionary Effort from Your Staff

Phillip Rosebrook

Business Mentors

Business Mentors

Definition l.jpg

  • dis·cre·tion·ar·y adj1. giving somebody the freedom to make a decision according to individual circumstances2. given according to the merits of an individual case, rather than being provided or awarded automatically3. able to be used as desired without any stipulations

  • My Definition:

    • Anything more than what is required for employment

Business Mentors

Where to start l.jpg
Where to Start?

  • Right people

  • Right system

  • Give tools to succeed

  • Provide feedback

Business Mentors

Hiring l.jpg

  • Proper screening process

  • Good advertising

  • Selection and interviews

  • Always check references

  • Performance expectations

    • Job descriptions

    • Quantifiable benchmarks

Business Mentors

Feedback l.jpg

  • 30/60/90 Reviews

  • Annual performance appraisal

  • 360 Review

  • MBWA

  • Formalized process

Business Mentors

Informal feedback l.jpg
Informal Feedback

  • Recognize worthwhile achievement

  • Praise publicly and often

    • Become a cheerleader

  • Criticize privately

Business Mentors

Stars l.jpg

Business Mentors

Communication l.jpg

  • Company Meetings

  • One of the most important team building opportunities

  • Overlooked element of organizational dynamics

  • Impacts customers and employees

Business Mentors

Company meetings l.jpg
Company Meetings

  • Company business

  • Vision

  • Goal updates

  • Divisional reports

  • Upcoming activities

Business Mentors

Meeting agenda cont l.jpg
Meeting Agenda Cont…

  • New staff Introductions

  • Victories

  • Upcoming activities

Business Mentors

Events l.jpg

  • Create social evnts

    • Involve families

  • Community service

  • Reward for goal achievement

Business Mentors

Divisional communication l.jpg
Divisional Communication

  • Team involvement

    • Internal training

    • Project reviews and assessment

    • Divisional performance & challenges

  • Team building

    • Social opportunities

    • Lunch as a reward

    • Names, slogans, etc

Business Mentors

Upward mobility l.jpg
Upward Mobility

  • Allow staff to see a future

  • Training opportunities

  • Invest in your people

  • Post openings

  • Explain steps to move up

    • Beware of Peter’s Principle

Business Mentors

Compensation l.jpg

  • Pay is important but not the most

  • Pay at least average but not too much

  • Provide incentives

    • Make measurements clear

    • Easy to understand

    • Update status often

    • Pay what you commit to

Business Mentors

Company culture l.jpg
Company Culture

  • Just the way we do things ‘round here

  • Service and quality

    • Provide work that employees are proud of

    • Exceptional service can be a sustainable advantage

    • Makes work fun

  • How does your company “feel”

Business Mentors

Community involvement l.jpg
Community Involvement

  • Give staff an outlet for service

  • Allow staff a say in giving

  • Create a balance - not too much

    • Have a plan and budget each year

Business Mentors

Staff quality of life issues l.jpg
Staff Quality of Life Issues

“You cannot be at work thinking about home and at home thinking about work.” Zig Ziglar

  • Financial education - Dave Ramsay

  • Insurance

  • Tuition reimbursement programs

  • Scholarship program

  • Counseling services

Business Mentors

Leadership l.jpg

  • Positive Passion

  • Smile and have fun

  • Admit your mistakes

  • Be humble

  • Be a good citizen

  • Be a person of virtue and company with values

Business Mentors

Benefits l.jpg

  • Longevity and experience

  • New staff in tight labor markets

    • Free agents gravitate to winning teams

  • Better customer service

  • Ever ask a carpenter to clean a wall or extract at 2:00 AM?

  • Improved margins

  • Employees work FOR your success

Business Mentors

Your obligation as an employer l.jpg
Your Obligation as an Employer

  • Your family

  • Employees families

  • Healthcare

  • Retirement

  • Children’s education

  • Citizen of your community

Business Mentors

Results l.jpg

  • Create a truly exceptional company

  • Create a legacy for your family, your employees and your community

Business Mentors