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What is Havening Technique? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Havening Technique?

What is Havening Technique?

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What is Havening Technique?

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  1. What is Havening Technique™

  2. Havening technique™was created by Dr. Ronald Ruden and further developed in conjunction with his brother Dr. Steven Ruden. It is a psychotherapy model and uses sensory input to alter thought, mood and behaviour. It’s a revolutionary technique which aids people who suffer from trauma, PTSD, phobias, stress responses, anxieties and other psychological related issues. This technique can also be used within coaching work, personal development programs and involvement concentrated on reaching and retaining one’s pinnacle of performance. When an event or experience is perceived as traumatic or very stressful it creates a pathway in the brain which remains there indefinitely (becomes immutably encoded), often with life altering consequences.

  3. Havening technique™works by reducing or eliminating altogether the negative maladaptive emotional response linked to that event or experience. In doing so, havening works with the amygdala, the emotional response system in the brain, based in the limbic system, and as such is also referred to as Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy(ADT).Havening disrupts the pathway that was created and consequently removes the emotional PAIN linked to and/or associated with the stress, distress and experiences, current and past, resulting in neutral or no negative emotional response to the situation.

  4. Havening techniqueis a profoundly effective approach with long lasting results and is very effective for a range of emotionally distressing situations and symptoms relating to: • Relationship challenges • Domestic violence • Bullying • Fear of heights • Emotional eating • Depression • Agoraphobia • Fear of abandonment • Sexual abuse • Lack of confidence • Feelings of low self worth • Feeling unsupported • Self harm • Lonely • And more…

  5. The havening modelengenders a healthier outlook on life, healthier choices and most importantly, mental and emotional resilience. The effect and result of experiencing the havening model is that once a particular negative emotional response has been eliminated (e.g. Guilt, shame), it can have the effect of directly or indirectly and simultaneously removing other related negative maladaptive emotions linked to the same or different negative experiences or trauma.

  6. Havening approachcan also be used for peak performance, goals achievement, or self havening (self havening is not recommended for serious trauma or psychological disorders). Havening techniques have evidently shown the effectiveness of other methods when combined with it. It certainly increases the pace of getting consistent results. Visit http://easytigerparentsystem.Com/haveningto find out more about how havening technique™ can help you