Killtest huawei h13 621 enu exam
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Huawei H13-621-ENU Study Guide Killtest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Huawei H13-621-ENU Study Guide Killtest mentioned above will help increasing your knowledge on H13-621-ENU subjects and also the H13-621-ENU practice test will identify your weakness. Killtest according to the product of the network planning and network support launched engineer\'s qualification certification programs, and ask the agent in countries with such an engineer, in order to improve the quality of services to clients, a network engineer qualification Huawei H13-621-ENU Study Guide Killtest.\n

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Killtest huawei h13 621 enu exam

KilltestHuawei H13-621-ENU Exam

H13-621 –ENU HCNP-Storage test

H13 621 hcnp storage cusn exam
H13-621 HCNP-Storage-CUSN Exam

  • Certification: HCNP-Storage

  • Exam Code:H13-621

  • Exam Name: HCNP-CUSN(Huawei Certified Network Professional - Constructing Unifying Storage Network)

  • Duration: 90 min

  • Pass Score/Total Score: 600/1000

Huawei h13 621 knowledge point
Huawei H13-621 Knowledge Point

  • 1) SAN and NAS: ICT Infrastructures and components,SAN and NAS topology,FC SAN protocol and networking,IP SAN protocol and networking,NAS concepts and protocols.RAID technology including RAID 2.0+.

  • 2) OceanStor V3 hardware: 2U, 3U and 6U controller models,2U and 4U disk enclosures,4U High Density disk enclosure,I/O Modules,BBU and Coffer disk,Cables,Installation requirements (weight, power consumption),Rack mounting kits.

  • 3) OceanStor V3 software:Smart and Hypter feather of SAN and NAS.

  • 4) Planning and design: Make an inventory of the current situation,Calculate requirements for capacity and performance based on current situation and future growth,Determine the need for virtualization,Determine the Backup Strategy,Determine the Disaster Recovery Strategy.

  • 5) Best Practice: Best Practices for Disk Domains,Best Practices for Storage Pools,Best Practices for Storage Tiering,Best Practices for LUNs,Best Practices for Snapshots,Maximum and minimum numbers,Integrations with SQL, Oracle, Exchange and VMware.

  • 6) System Management:Daily and weekly monitoring tasks,DeviceManager,OSToolkit,CloudServices,LED Status Indicators.

  • 7) Maintenance: Safety preparations,Hardwaremaintenance,Power on/power off procedures.

H13 621 enu exam demo sharing
H13-621-ENU Exam Demo Sharing

  • Which of the following options does not belong to the hardware components of IP SAN?

  • A.Ethernet connected devices

  • B.iSCSI Host bus adapters

  • C.Storage Device

  • D.initiator Starter

  • Answer: D

H13 621 enu exam demo sharing1
H13-621-ENU Exam Demo Sharing

  • Which of the sharing manners are Reliability Technology Cluster used in storing data? (Selected 3 answers)

  • A.Mirror mode

  • B.No sharing

  • C.Full-sharing

  • D.Manual mode

  • Answer: A, B, C

H13 621 enu exam demo sharing2
H13-621-ENU Exam Demo Sharing

  • In the multipath environments of iSCSI link, for failover failures, which aspects will be usually diagnosed? (Selected 3 answers)

  • A.Confirm the compatibility of open-iscsi and multipath

  • B.Check Multipath Service started or not and Multipath module loading

  • C.Check Controller Status, especially Peer controller

  • D.Check the Parameter configuration of /etc/iscsi.conf document ConnFailTimeout=0

  • Answer: A, B, C

H13 621 enu exam demo sharing3
H13-621-ENU Exam Demo Sharing

  • In the same case of IO environment and disk type, which of the following description of RAID5/RAID10 Performance Comparison is wrong?

  • A.Space utilization: Raid5 is obviously better than Raid10

  • B.Security: Raid5 is lower than Raid10

  • C.When read the business which belongs to large files, the performance of Raid5 is obviously better than Raid10

  • D.When read the business belongs to the Radom small IO, Raid5 is the best choice

  • Answer: D

H13 621 enu exam demo sharing4
H13-621-ENU Exam Demo Sharing

  • A control box of S5500 configured eight FC 300G and eight SATA 1T hard drives.Five FC 300G hard drives made RAID group 0, Five SATA 1TB hard drives made RAID group 1.Now, want to configure global hot spare disk for storage, in this case, how to configure it?

  • A.A FC 300GB disk set to global hot spare disk

  • B.A SATA 1TB disk set to global hot spare disk

  • C.A FC 300GB disk and a SATA 1TB disk set to global hot spare disk, respectively.

  • D.In this configuration, this device cannot configure global hot spare.

  • Answer: C

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