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Peace River School Division WCB & You

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Peace River School Division WCB & You - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Peace River School Division WCB & You. March 6-7, 2014. You will learn today:. Workers’ Compensation Board basic information Your responsibilities when injured WCB’s role in the workplace Peace River School Division’s responsibilities for an injury. What is Workers’ Compensation?.

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you will learn today
You will learn today:
  • Workers’ Compensation Board basic information
  • Your responsibilities when injured
  • WCB’s role in the workplace
  • Peace River School Division’s responsibilities for an injury
what is workers compensation1
What is Workers’ Compensation?
  • A no-fault disability insurance system set up under the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Act
  • It provides:
    • benefits for injured workers
    • liability insurance for employers
  • Employers fund the workers’ compensation system by paying premiums and
  • Workers receive work related benefits and have given up their right to sue their employer
wcb premiums
WCB Premiums
  • Based on industry average
    • Averaged each year based on previous 3 years injury rates
  • Based on lost time injuries, not medical aids
  • Rates have ranged from $0.84 - $1.08 / $100 earnings in the last 5 years
wcb s vision
WCB’s Vision

Albertans working – a safe, healthy and strong Alberta, is about reducing the impact a work related injury or illness has on you, your family and your employer

Your Responsibility

When An Incident/Injury Happens

tell your employer
Tell your Employer
  • Call 1-800-816-4711 to report your injury to your supervisor
    • As soon as injury occurs or as soon as is reasonably practicable
  • Obtain first aid treatment by qualified first aider listed in your first aid kit
  • Mandatory to record the incident on Public School Works
  • Get medical treatment if needed
your responsibilities more
Your Responsibilities…More
  • As soon as you see the doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor, your injury is reportable to WCB. It doesn’t matter how minor the incident/injury is
  • Obtain WCB Worker’s Report of Injury or Occupational Disease form from your Supervisor/Manager to complete.
    • Also available on PSW
injuries that require reporting to wcb
Injuries that Require Reporting to WCB

WCB covers work related injuries or diseases that cause you to need medical treatment or time away from work.

These include:

  • Injuries that cause (or are likely to cause) you to be off work beyond the day of injury
  • Injuries that require modified work beyond the day of injury
  • Eyeglass repair or replacement when related to a work-related incident
  • Injuries that require medical treatment beyond first aid (e.g. physical therapy, prescription medications, chiropractic)
why is it important to report incidents injuries asap
Why is it Important to Report Incidents/Injuries ASAP?
  • To identify the hazard so the issue can be corrected to void future accidents. To keep you safe
  • Minor incidents (medical aid only) can result in something surfacing after the fact – i.e. cut becoming infected
  • Could delay you receiving treatment or services you are entitled to aid with your recovery
  • If not reported immediately, could delay the acceptance of your claim
  • The longer it takes for you to report it, it could be more challenging to link your injury to your job.
your responsibilities more1
Your Responsibilities….More
  • Talk to your doctor about your progress and ask about modified work and return to work options
  • Advise WCB of any changes to your job duties
  • Have regular contact with your employer, and WCB claim owner - We recommend every 2 weeks or after you see the doctor.
responsibilities con t
Responsibilities con’t
  • Advise your claim owner if you will be leaving the province on vacation or you are moving out of Alberta
  • Provide original receipts for all costs directly related to your claim, ie prescription medications, eye glass receipt
  • Keep your medical appointments & follow your treatment plan
  • It’s your responsibility to aid in your recovery!
filing a wcb claim what we need from you
Filing a WCB Claim & What we Need from You?
  • Detailed information about

how the injury happened

(mechanism of injury)

  • Earnings information and your shift cycle
  • Gross earnings 12 months

prior to date of injury

WCB Claim

wcb s role in the workplace
WCB’s Role in the Workplace

How Does

WCB Make


life of a wcb claim
Life of a WCB Claim

Employer’s Report

Worker’s Report

Physician’s Report




1 day

Assigned to




No Time Loss Claims.


Case Manager

Medical & Vocational

Rehabilitation Services

Complex Claims

what you can expect once your claim is filed
What you Can Expect Once your Claim is Filed?
  • If all of the information is received, a confirmation letter is sent in 5-7 days of registering your claim; confirming the status of your claim and the benefits you are entitled to receive
  • If you are entitled to wage replacement, your first payment should arrive in approximately 14 days
how does wcb decide if your claim is acceptable
How does WCB Decide if your Claim is Acceptable?
  • Two conditions must be met for accident to be considered work-related:
    • Must arise out of employment and be caused by an employment hazard
    • Must occur in the course of employment when it happens at a time and place consistent with the responsibilities of your job
types of injuries or diseases to be considered work related
Types of injuries or Diseases to be considered work-related ?
  • Traumatic injuries-cause and effect
  • Injuries caused by repeated activities
  • Occupational diseases
  • Re-injury and difficulties with an old work injury
types of injuries or disease not considered work related
Types of Injuries or Disease not Considered Work-Related
  • Pre-Existing or underlying health problems (diabetes, arthritis, old sports injuries etc.)
  • Injuries that occur while routinely commuting to and from work
  • Injuries arising from serious and willful misconduct (WCB-Alberta reviews each case individually)
  • Injuries that happen outside of work

NOTE: if you believe your injury is work-related, it should always be reported.

benefits for injured workers
Benefits for Injured Workers
  • Wage Replacement
    • 90% of net wages up to a maximum of $92,300 gross wages per year (2014)
  • Medical-physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, splints, prosthetics, prescriptions, eye glass repair or replacement
  • Recognition of a Permanent Disability
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
peace river school division s responsibilities
Peace River School Division’s Responsibilities…
  • Provide immediate & appropriate first aid response
  • Pay for the cost of transportation from where you are injured to the nearest medical treatment facility; i.e. STARS if needed,
  • Must report WCB claim within 72 hours of you notifying supervisor/manager of injury.
  • Provide you with a copy of Employer Report
peace river school division s responsibility cont
Peace River School Division’s Responsibility Cont....
  • Pay you for balance of your shift on the accident date. Can not use sick or vacation time for the day of your injury.
  • May not agree with you to waive or to forego any benefits to which you might become entitled
  • Record all incidents using their first aid form in accordance with the Workers’ Compensation Regulations and provide a copy to you.
    • Available on PSW
you may be offered modified work
You May be Offered Modified Work

Modified Work, what is it?

Any job, task, or function that a worker who suffers an injury may perform while recovering

Modified work can be:

  • Reduced hours
  • Change in regular duties to accommodate work restrictions
  • Change of duties entirely
  • Take training programs related to your job i.e. “S” Endorsement refresher
modified work must be
Modified Work Must Be:
  • achievable - given your injury, you must be able to physically do it
  • safe - modified work should not endanger your recovery or safety or the safety of others
  • constructive - modified work should contribute to your skill development and your return to full duties
  • productive - your duties should be meaningful to the organization
need help or have questions about your claim
Need Help or Have Questions about your Claim?
  • Call the Claims Contact Centre by calling:
    • 1-866-922-9221 toll free
    • 1-780-498-3999
  • Can view claim acceptance or when your next payment will be mailed to you or through direct deposit by going on line if you know your claim number and have a temporary password.
  • Go to:
any questions
Any Questions?

Work Safe!

Drive Safe!

Thank You