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Do now 5/6

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Do now 5/6. Write down the Chinese pinyin for the following words. Factory Mr . A little bit Mrs . School Restaurant Hospital Ms. Inside-outside line.

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do now 5 6
Do now 5/6

Write down the Chinese pinyin for the following words.

  • Factory
  • Mr.
  • A little bit
  • Mrs.
  • School
  • Restaurant
  • Hospital
  • Ms.
inside outside line
Inside-outside line
  • Students form pairs. One student from each pair moves to form one straight line in the class.
  • Remaining students find and face their partners(class now stands in two lines. )
  • The students (As) who have card ask question (english meaning side), then the partner(Bs) answer (in Chinese). The students with card(As) praise or coach

4. The students who do not have cards(Bs) rotate to a new partner and rotate to the back of their line when they pass the last student in the fixed line.

5. As switch the role with Bs

review the words
Review the words
  • 公司 gōngsī company
  • 学校 xuéxiào school
  • 医院 yīyuàn hospital
  • 饭店 fàndiàn restaurant
  • 工厂 gōngchăng factory
  • 律师行 lǜshiháng law firm
review the words1
Review the words
  • 丈夫 zhàngfū husband
  • 太太 tàitai Mrs; Madame
  • 女士 nǚshìMs; lady
  • 女儿 nǚér daughter
  • 儿子 érzi son
  • 一点儿 yì diănr a little bit
test me
Test me
  • 公司 gōngsī
  • 学校 xuéxiào
  • 医院 yīyuàn
  • 饭店 fàndiàn
  • 工厂 gōngchăng
  • 律师行 lǜshiháng
  • 丈夫 zhàngfū
  • 太太 tài tai
  • 女士 nǚshì
  • 女儿 nǚér
  • 儿子 érzi
  • 一点儿 yì diănr
test me1
Test me
  • Company
  • Factory
  • Husband
  • School
  • Mr. teacher
  • Mrs; Madame
  • Ms; lady
  • Hospital
  • Restaurant
  • Son
  • Daughter
  • A little bit
do now 5 7
Do now 5/7

Translate the sentences into English

  • Tājiàozhāng xiăo wén
  • Tāzhàngfuzàixuéxiàogōngzuò
  • Wŏ xiăngzuòmìshū.
lesson 17
Lesson 17
  • Picture 1

1. 她叫张小文

Tājiàozhāng xiăo wén

jiào: name is /was called



mi shu: secretary

3. 她在一家日本公司工作


yijia: one

zai: in

gong zuo: work

lesson 171
Lesson 17
  • Picture 1

4. 她丈夫是银行家,在一家美国银行工作

Tā zhàng fu shìyínhángjiā, Tā zàiyìjiāměiguó yin hang gōngzuò

Take notes:

哪儿 nar = where


1. Partner A solves the first problem(#1)


2. Partner B watches and listen, checks, coaches if necessary, and praise


3. Partner B solve the next problem (#2)

4. Partner A watches and listen, checks, coaches if necessary, and praise

(you can raise your hands if both of you do not know the answer )

  • zhāng xiăo wénzuòshén me gōngzuò?
  • Tāzài năr gōngzuò?
picture one questions page 94
Picture one questions page 94

1. zhāng xiăo wénzuòshén me gōngzuò?

zuo: do/make

shen me: what

gong zuo: job/work

what does zhangxiaowendo?

2. Tāzài năr gōngzuò?

nar: where

where does she work?

check answer
Check answer
  • Picture 1

1. zhāng xiăo wénzuòshén me gōngzuò?

what does zhangxiao wen do?


She is secretary

2. Tāzài năr gōngzuò?

where does she work?


she work in a Japanese company.

do now 5 8
Do now 5/8

Translate the sentences into Chinese pinyin

1. She is a secretary

2. Her husband’s name is jack

3. His wife work in a USA Company

answer for pic 3 4
Answer for Pic 3 & 4

3. 安是哪国人


is which country person?

(Where does An come from?)

An shiyingguoren

An is British

4. 她做什么工作?

Ta zuoshen me gong zuo?

She do what job?(what does she do?)

Ta shiyingyulaoshi

She is an english teacher.


5. 她在哪工作?

ta zainar gong zuo?

she in where work?(where does she work)

Ta zaizhong wen xuexiao gong zuo

She in Chinese school work.

6. 胡先生做什么工作?

huxian sheng zuoshen me gong zuo?

Mr. Hu do what job?

Ta shijing li

He is manager.


7. 他太太做什么工作?

Ta tai taizuoshen me gong zuo?

What does his wife do?

Ta tai taishifuwuyuan

His wife is attendant .

8. 他太太在哪工作?

Ta tai taizainar gong zuo?

His wife in where work?(where does his wife work )

Ta zai fan dian gong zuo

She in restaurant work

do now 5 10
Do now 5/10

Translate the following sentence to english:

  • Tāzài năr gōngzuò?
  • Wángnǚshihuìshuōhànyŭma ?
  • tātàitai zuòshénme gōngzuò?
translation for pic 4 5
translation for pic 4 & 5

9. Yin nan is an attendant. She work in a hotel. Her husband is engineer and he work in a factory. They have a daughter and two son.

10. Miss wang is a lawyer. She can speak several kinds of languages. She can speak english, french, german and a little bit Chinese. She now work in a law firm.

do now 5 101
Do now 5/10
  • Translate the sentences into English
  • wŏyŏuyīgèjiějie
  • Tāzàiyìjiājiŭdiàngōngzuò
  • Wŏhuìshuōyìdiănhànyŭ.
page 95 3
Page 95 #3,



你 哥哥 在 哪儿 工作?

Ni gegezainar gong zuo? Copy question

Your brother in where work?

(where does your brother work?) translate question

Ta zaigong changgong zuo. Answer in Chinese

He in factory work Answer in English

(he work in a factory. )

page 98 8
Page 98 #8



Wang xiaojieshifuwuyuan(fill in blank )

Miss Wang is attendant (translate to english )

她 在 饭店 工作

Ta zaifan diangong zuo(fill in blank)

She in restaurant work.

(She work in a restaurant.) (translate to english)

independent practice
Independent practice

Do page95 #3

Page98 #8