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Finding A Cheap Rehab In London PowerPoint Presentation
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Finding A Cheap Rehab In London

Finding A Cheap Rehab In London

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Finding A Cheap Rehab In London

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  1. Finding A Cheap Rehab In London

  2. If you or a loved one live in the London area and are looking for a cheap rehab, we can help. Private addiction treatment in London is notoriously expensive. As the capital of England, London’s prices tend to be inflated; this is reflected in the cost of drug and alcohol rehabs in London. The Office for National Statistics estimates that there is a population of nearly 9 million people currently living in the Greater London area. With only a handful of luxury London rehabs available their demand is very great. It is this demand that enables London rehab centres to increase their costs. This understandably will seem very unfair, but we have just the solution that you are looking for!

  3. London Rehab Standards, Cheaper Cost The Lighthouse addiction treatment centre in Southend-on-sea in Essex, owned by Step by Step Recovery offers a luxury rehab experience at a very affordable cost, much cheaper than the London rehabs. Ideally located only a short walk from the beautiful sandy beaches of the Southend-on-sea coast, The Lighthouse rehab is a fully residential rehab that delivers only the latest in evidence based addiction treatments. Step by Step Recovery believe that completely individualised treatment is essential to long term recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

  4. Our residential treatment centre houses a maximum of 11 patients at any one time, thus ensuring that there is a high counsellor to patient ratio and that staff are always available when needed. We facilitate full medical alcohol and drug detoxes as well as bespoke rehabilitation programmes, with the option to move on to our therapeutic community sober living houses and free aftercare for life. Much like the top London rehab clinics we offer ensuite bedrooms decorated to a very high standard and delicious and nutritious meals prepared by our very own Chef. Treatment programmes are tailored to each patients individual treatment needs, ensuring that no stone is left unturned and that comprehensive healing takes place. We specialise in treating alcohol and drug addiction, along with common co occurring illnesses such as Depression and Anxiety Disorder. Also like the London rehabs we have our own Consultant Psychiatrist and full holistic therapy programme including massage, mindfulness, meditation and yoga.

  5. A Peaceful Place To Relax And Recover As everyone knows London can be very busy and noisy, we are located in a peaceful location away from the hussle and bussle of daily life. The Lighthouse rehab is situated only an hours drive from most parts of London and is also on the main train line from central London. With easy access to and from the city, it is convenient for family and friends to visit. We are also only a short drive away from Southend airport. Call us direct or complete on online assessment form to contact us. Your recovery from alcohol and drug addiction can start as soon as today. You have our guarantee that our dedicated team of professionals are fully committed to helping you to get well and live an alcohol free and drug free life for the rest of your life. The Original article Published at stepbysteprecovery