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How accessible is Maine Adult Education? PowerPoint Presentation
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How accessible is Maine Adult Education?

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How accessible is Maine Adult Education? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maine College Transitions Aligning Curriculum for Post-Secondary Success National College Transitions Conference November 15/16, 2010. How accessible is Maine Adult Education?. Maine Adult Education is comprised of 100+ programs serving over 85% of Maine’s municipalities. Background/History.

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How accessible is Maine Adult Education?

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Maine College TransitionsAligning Curriculum for Post-Secondary SuccessNational College Transitions ConferenceNovember 15/16, 2010

How accessible is Maine Adult Education?

Maine Adult Education is comprised of 100+ programs serving over 85% of Maine’s municipalities

background history
  • 1987: UMaine ITV system for delivering courses managed at Adult Education sites.
  • 2001:Nellie Mae Education Foundation funded NELRC Demonstration projects
  • 2003: Maine Compact for Higher Education: Goal 3
  • 2006/07: Legislatively approved one year State funded pilot program
background history continued
Background/History continued
  • 2006: MELMAC Education Foundation “Connecting Aspirations to a Plan” grants for Adult Education 2005
  • 2007/08: Legislative action resulting in state funding
  • 2007/08: Legislative rule changes that allow local programs to access state subsidy for locally funded programs
  • Currently, 22 programs delivered in over 40 communities
maine program model
Maine Program Model
  • Offered through Adult Education Programs
  • College Preparation and Advising
  • Comprehensive Program
  • 2 Distinct Scheduling Designs
  • Must enroll in college in 12-18 months
  • Reference: NCSALL Occasional paper, 2006 “Transitioning Adults to College: Adult Basic Education Program Models”
required program components
Required Program Components
  • Career planning & assessment
  • College experience
  • Tracking and follow up
  • Instruction in college preparation coursework
  • Accuplacer pre and post testing
  • Technology
delivery schedule
Delivery schedule

There are two (2) emerging schedules:

  • Students take set classes as a group scheduled in one day, evening, or over a few hours over several days. Academic and career counseling, college life skills, and other classes are included in the curriculum
  • Students select the classes, based on assessment scores, that meet their academic and career goals, with college life skills classes and academic and career counseling mandatory supports
  • Programs are offering both models to attract and accommodate student schedules
“If I can do it, anyone can!  I am a mother of three teenage boys.  I went back to school to get my high school diploma after my divorce, then went on to achieve my CNA.  Now I am in the Honor Society at YCCC and working on my RN. Adult Education gave me the confidence to do it all!”

Laura, 2008

“After being let go from a previous job I became a stay at home dad. When I was ready to look for work, I first turned to my local Adult Ed program. They were incredible and helped me every step of the way. With their assistance I was able to recognize and work on skills that would help me transition to a new job.”

James, 2008

who are we serving trends over the last three years
Who are we serving: Trends over the last three years
  • Around 1,300 students each year
  • Most students (62-67%) are over the age of 25
  • Around half are employed, half unemployed or are not in the workforce
  • 67% are female
  • 66% are first generation college candidates
  • Most are referred through the adult education system
academic readiness
Academic Readiness
  • English and math readiness determined by Accuplacer scores:
aligning courses similarities
Aligning Courses - Similarities

College Level Math:

Contemporary Math or

College Algebra

MAT 050 – Introduction to Algebra

Math For College – 050 Level

Math For College – 020 Level

MAT 020 – Numerical Math

Windham Adult Education


aligning courses differences
Aligning Courses - Differences

College Level Math:

Contemporary Math or

College Algebra

student needs passing Accuplacer scores or an e-mail from Steve to SMCC math Dept chair

requesting a waiver

Automatic promotion if student earns “C” or better in

MAT 050 class

Windham Adult Education


sequence of classes
Sequence of Classes

Math Lab – self paced

Math for College 020

Math for College 050

PLATO – self study

  • ABE Reading/Writing
  • Business English
  • Success in College
  • PLATO – self study
program alignment
Program Alignment
  • Assessment
  • Courses
  • Services
program alignment assessment
Program Alignment:Assessment

ADULT ED- Before







ADULT ED- After…


program alignment courses
Program Alignment:Courses

ADULT ED- Before

Math Essentials


Writing & Composition


MATH 020- Numerical Math

MATH 050- Intro to Algebra

ENGL 050- College Reading

ENGL 090- Basic Writing

ACSS 104- Academic Success

ADULT ED- After…

College-Ready 101

program alignment services
Program Alignment:Services

ADULT ED- Before

Academic counseling and financial aid services provided on a case by case basis


Can make an appointment with

Enrollment Services or go through

an online new student orientation.

ADULT ED- After…

Financial Aid Nights

Career Counselor

College Success Seminar

aligning courses similarities1
Aligning Courses - Similarities

Learning Styles

Study Skills

Time Management

Career Exploration

Self Advocacy

Research Skills

College-Ready 101

ACSS 104 – Academic Success Seminar

CORE College Readiness Program


aligning courses differences1
Aligning Courses - Differences


Becoming A Master Student

College-Ready 101


Keys to Success


Many writing assignments

Many presentations

Midterm Exam


2 formal writing assignments

1 individual presentation

Final exam

ACSS 104 – Academic Success Seminar

CORE College Readiness Program


articulation agreement
Articulation Agreement

What we received in return…

3 college level credit hours at SMCC !!!

  • What we had to do…
    • Use SMCC’s book: Keys to Success
    • Better align course syllabus
    • Better align all graded assignments

Franklin County Adult Education College Transitions Program

  • Cohort Model One day/week schedule
  • Fourteen Week Program
  • Week One: orientation and assessment (Accuplacer)
  • Week Fourteen: presentation of Power Point Portfolios

College Transitions Reading and Writing Curriculum

  • The curriculum is built around two units, each of which integrates reading and writing.
  • Unit One: Strategies for reading informational texts, the writing process, and writing a college application essay.
  • Unit Two: Critical reading, persuasive writing, and writing a research paper.


Structured Reading 6th Edition, Thweat, Joseph W. and Lynn Q. Troyka, Prentice Hall

Skills Tutor (an on-line program for addressing grammar & usage problems etc.)


r emoving o bstacles a chieving d reams road
Removing Obstacles Achieving Dreams (ROAD)

Completion of the following courses either by attendance in class or test out of the requirement: Math classes, English classes , How Do I Get There From Here?, Computer Literacy, and Computer Applications

mou w yccc

Successful completion (with a grade of 80% or better in each class or equivalent Accuplacer score):

Equivalent to passing MAT 092, 098 and ENG 095

Eligible for GEN 100 credit

math accuplacer scores
Math Accuplacer Scores

Math Basics

(<25 Arithmetic)

Math Fundamentals

(25-40 Arithmetic)

Math Applications

(40-60 Arithmetic &

0-29 Elem. Alg.)

Algebra 1

(>60 Arithmetic,&

30-50 Elem. Alg.)

Algebra 2

(>60 Arithmetic &

51-81 Elem. Alg.)

keys to success
Keys to Success

Classes meet criteria for several programs

Ex: Computer Literacy and Computer Applications Required for: HSD, CT, General and Clerical

Math Classes through Applications:

GED,HSD, CT, General and Clerical

Classes are skills-based and homogeneous for better learning environment

Easier on scheduling, teachers

  • www.
contact information
Contact Information

Jeffrey A. Fantine, Director

Adult and Family Literacy

Maine Department of Education

SHS 23 Augusta, Maine 04333


Larinda Meade, Coordinator

Maine College Transitions

32 Willow Lane

Portland, Maine 04102


Maggie Scholl

Reading and Language Arts Instructor

Franklin County Adult Education

108 Fairbanks Rd # 3, Farmington, ME 04938-5767

Steve McFarland, Workforce Coordinator

Windham/Raymond Adult Education

406 Gray Road, Windham, Maine 04062


Kelley Heath, Instructor/Administrator

Bonny Eagle Adult Education

P.O.Box 38

Bar Mills. Maine 04004


Theresa MacDonald, Assistant Director

Sanford Community Adult Education

21 Bradeen Street

Springvale, Maine 04083