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Oregon HIS HydroServer Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Oregon HIS HydroServer Overview

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Oregon HIS HydroServer Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oregon HIS HydroServer Overview
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  1. Oregon HIS HydroServerOverview June 4th, 2012 Roy Haggerty, OSU Joe Bernert, OSU/PSU

  2. Background • Willamette Water 2100 produced data • Willamette Critical Zone Observatory (WBCZO) proposed to collect time-series data with new equipment • CUAHSI HIS architecture leveraged • OUS Institute for Natural Resources and OSU Libraries & Press agreed to contribute to purchase and hosting of HIS development and production servers with CEOAS

  3. What is CUAHSI? • Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science • Formation through 1980s until formally established in 2001 • Large NSF support base and currently widespread implementation • Strategic Mission • developing, supporting, and operating research infrastructure; • improving access to data, information and models; • articulating priorities for community level water-related research and observations; • facilitating interactions among the diverse water research community; • promoting interdisciplinary education centered in water science; and • translating scientific advancements into effective tools for water management and policy.

  4. Publicly Available Tools Open Source Hydrologic Data Tools 3 Arms of CUAHSI: Data Publication, Data Discovery, and Data Access The Oregon HIS HydroServer will be registered with HIS Central when the production server is up & running

  5. HIS Central – current status • A quick data extraction for Western Oregon yields 18 major web services • and roughly 20,000 data series from HIS Central • Metadata, documentation and related information on data and series • Standardized database and repository for data and archiving • Publically accessible and supported by CUASHI, State and Federal organizations and over 100 Universities • Interface for major data model and database management

  6. CUAHSI Desktop Tools MatLab HydroDesktop HydroGet Hydro HydroExcel

  7. CUAHSI HydroDesktop HydroDesktop is a free and open source GIS enabled desktop application that helps you search for, download, visualize, and analyze hydrologic, water quality, and climate data registered with the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System

  8. CUAHSI Web Tools Data Query and Extraction Time Series Analyst Meta Data and Documentation Mapping

  9. CUASHI HIS Central – Over 100 Web Services Of particular interest to WW2100 and related Oregon Projects USGS Daily Value Data- Discharge; Daily, Real Time and Water Quality EPA(STOrageand RETrieval) —water quality, biological, and physical data USDA-NRCS SNOTEL—snowpack and climatic data ORNL DAYMET — daily surfaces of temperature, precipitation, humidity, and radiation over large regions of complex terrain NOAA-NCDC/NWS ASOSsurface weather observing network NASA MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) NCEP NAM—North American Mesoscale (NAM) Weather Research and Forecasting

  10. Oregon HIS HydroServer The “Oregon HIS HydroServer” includes a development and production server hosted by OSU Libraries & Press: HIS Development Server • Virtual machine for testing, configuration and evaluation • Status: Development server is up and running with test data HIS Production Server • Dedicated machine for storing and serving applications and data • Status: Production server has been purchased and is being set-up for a public launch date tbd. COEC and INR co-purchased this server, and OSULP is providing system administration and hosting Joe Bernert (INR) is the Data Manager for the Oregon HIS HydroServer

  11. Oregon HIS HydroServer • Services: map services, observational data • Applications : observational data download, maps, time series analyst, etc • Desktop Tools: HydroDesktop, HydroGet, HydroExcel, HydroR, etc. http:// hydro-dev.library.oregonstate.edu/HydroWeb

  12. HIS Observations Data Model (ODM) An organized, comparable, standardized and relational method of communicating and serving data

  13. Oregon HIS HydroServer Development Server – Testing Application HydroServer Configuration: • Windows Server, IIS, .Net Framework SQL/Server, ArcGIS Server and related configuration HydroServer test data: • Willamette Valley: Total Suspended Solids, Turbidity, Color, Secchi • Reformatted and loaded in HIS ODM Schema • Data from Oregon DEQ Laboratory Analytical Storage And Retrieval (LASAR) - http://deq12.deq.state.or.us/lasar2/ http://hydro-dev.library.oregonstate.edu/HydroWeb http://hydro-dev.library.oregonstate.edu/web Give the Oregon HIS HydroServer a test drive and send comments to Joe: joe.bernert@oregonstate.edu

  14. Willamette Water 2100 Scott Wells, PI Roy Haggerty, PI Dave Hulse, PI HamidMorhadkhani Hejung Chang and others Philip Mote Anne Nolan Samuel Chan Kathie Dello Gordon Grant Sarah LewisStephen Lancaster Stan Gregory Barbara Bond David Turner Travis Roth Desiree Tullos Andrew Plantinga Anita Morzillo Local Stakeholders and others and others • Models • Water System Models • -CE-Qual-W2 • -HEC-ResSim • -RHESSys/WetTemp • Forest Succession - VDDT • Socio Economic Models • - Water Demand • - Land Use Change • In-Stream Aquatics • Fish Population Dynamics Modeling Framework Data Input Data Output John Bolte and Kellie Vache’ Next step: evaluate potential of Spatial – Temporal Data migrated into HIS Schema

  15. Willamette Basin Critical Zone Observatory (WBCZO) Oregon HydroServer Principal Investigators Instrumented Data Collection Other Researcher & Public Field Data Collection Existing Data Sources

  16. Oregon HIS HydroServer Documentation 1. HIS Server Configuration Initial document that describes the HIS framework and the plans for developing HIS HydroServer at Oregon State University 2. Roles and Responsibilities Document (in development) that describes the roles and responsibilities of each of the contributing partners: INR, OSUL&P, CEOAS. Includes associated costs of developing and maintaining the Oregon HIS HydroServer 3. Data Management Plan A data management plan for the Oregon HIS Hydroserver would build on the existing NSF data management plans for WW2100 and WBCZO 4. Data Collection Development Policy Oregon HIS HydroServer data services would initially focus on WW2100 and WBCZO (if funded) data, but could include other water data. This collection policy would specify the criteria for data hosting on the Oregon HIS HydroServer and document the decision process to be used.

  17. CUASHI HIS – future expansion • CUASHI HIS Central could expand significantly through collaborations with other national data networks • Oregon HIS HydroServer could expand from the WW2100 and WBCZO hosted data to statewide or larger geographic extents in future phases • The Oregon Explorer could also be a way to provide access to Oregon HIS HydroServer data and visualizations Earth Cube XML based Protocols Cyberinfrastructure www.oregonexplorer.info

  18. Oregon HIS HydroServer Questions • Is “Oregon HIS HydroServer” the appropriate name to use? • Will there be a HydroServer oversight committee? • What needs to be addressed before NSF review? • What happens if WBCZO not funded? • What additional water data and services to include? • What are the expectations for long-term maintenance? • When does the production site need to be launched? • Other questions?