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Environmental Pollution

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Environmental Pollution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Environmental Pollution.

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Man is one of the species who inhabit the earth.he is the only one who has interfered with various natural processes for use of both biological & physical resources to meet his multiple demands,man has polluted all the three realms of the earth-lithosphere,hydrosphere & is essential for us to know about environment & its pollution.

In this presentation we will be able to know about-

  • Primary & secondary pollutants
  • Acid rain
  • Ozone depletion
  • Green house effect
  • Noise pollution
  • Environment
  • Biosphere
  • Ecosystem model
  • Atmosphere
  • Atmospheric pollution


That which surrounds, the total sum of the condition of the surroundings within which an organism, or group, or an object,exists(including the natural as modified by human activity & the artificial).


Abiotic Environment



Biotic Environment

Environment is the sum of biotic & abiotic component



  • Our current atmosphere is a mixture of many different gases & suspended particles. It is almost same every where up to an altitude of 80 Kms.The atmosphere is divided in to 4 layers-
different pollutants
Different Pollutants
  • Gaseous waste: Oxides of nitrogen,SO2,CO2,CO.Cl,Br,I,O3 & smog.
  • Complex organic chemicals: Benzene, ether.
  • Acid prop lets: H2SO4, HNO3
  • Agrochemicals: fertilizers, pesticides,herbicixles,fungicides, rematicides,weedicides,bectrecides etc.
  • Fluorides
  • Metals: Mercury,lead,Cd,Zn,Fe,Ni etc.
  • Solid wasre:Garbage,plastic etc.
  • Radioactive waste: Nuclear reacters,uranium,nuclear explosion.
  • Noise waste
environmental challenges
Environmental challenges
  • Green house effect: Increasing global temperature. Scientists predicting that earth's temperature will increase by 3-40C by year 2030 if the pollution continues to increase at the same pace.
  • Ozone depletion: As ozone layer in the upper atmosphere absorbs incoming harmful ultraviolet radiation but it is now getting thinner & more UVs are reaching in to earth creating different disease like cancer& eye problems.
  • Photochemical smog: In 1952 London was covered by smog for 10 days .This smog was caused by fog, smoke, ash,& SO2 plus NO2.Sunlight played a great role in the formation of this smog .Though deaths occurring at that time were not directly attributed to the smog later statistics confirmed that 6,000 more people.

Acid rain: is caused by oxides of nitrogen & sulphur.It increases acidity of soil & effects the growth of trees & plants. The majestic monument Taj Mahal in India is also affecting by this.





Acid Rain

Solar Radiation

H2SO4 (Sulphuric Acid)

HNO3 (Nitric Acid)

Acid Rain

Factories, Transportation




noise pollution
Noise pollution

This era has rightly been called as the era of noise.because heavy industrialization we are exposed to a high level of noise all around us. Noise has become a very important stress factor in modern leads many health hazards.Some of the sources of noise pollution are aircraft,automobiles,factories,loudspeakers& pop& Rock-n-Roll music in clubs

. Noise produces following health problems-

1)Auditory fatigue

2)Deafness or impaired vision

3)Rise in blood pressure, pulse




6)Disturbed sleep

7)Emotional disturbances



High Approximate 80db

Pleasant below than 80dB

Very High above than


Heavy Traffic

Quit Conversation

Jet take off

Loud Conversation


Ticking Clock

Quit Raining

Sports car

Space vehicle launch


We know that certain environmental conditions like air,water,& food are essential for man,s survival.apart from their availability their quality & quantity must be assured according to man,s natural & acquired capacity for sustenance progress in industrialization has brought environmental hazards such as air water & noise pollution.These have caused many health problems & diseases.

As it has been said-

we do not inherit the environment from our forefathers,we borrow it from future generation.

Stockholm conference of 1972 proclaims that:

The protection & improvement of human environment is a major issue which affects the well being of people & economic development throughout the world&it is duty of all governments & people to common efforts for the preservation & improvement of environment for the benefit of all people & their prosperity