the rainbow magic fairies series the color fairies l.
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The Rainbow Magic Fairies Series The Color Fairies PowerPoint Presentation
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The Rainbow Magic Fairies Series The Color Fairies

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The Rainbow Magic Fairies Series The Color Fairies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Rainbow Magic Fairies Series The Color Fairies. By:Sarah,Hope and Ellie. Ruby the Red Fairy.

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Presentation Transcript
ruby the red fairy
Ruby the Red Fairy

In this book Ruby needs help to bring the rainbow colors back to fairy land. Rachel and Kristy are on a trip at rain spell Island and run into some fairy magic. Can the to friends help bring the rainbow colors back to fairy land.

amber the orange fairy
Amber The Orange Fairy

Jack frost is up to it again! This time Amber The Orange fairy is in trouble. WillRacheland Kristy be able to find Amber before Jack frost’s goblins?

sunny the yellow fairy
Sunny The yellow fairy

As usual Jack frost is at it again. This time it is Sunny The Yellow Fairy. This time Sunny is in trouble. She is in a Honey bee hive! Try to find out how Rachel and Kristy find Sunny.

fern the green fairy
Fern The Green Fairy

Fern The Green Fairy is hidden in a maze. When Kristy and Rachel find fern they get chased by the goblins. It’s fluffy to the rescue. Find out who fluffy is in Fern the Green fairy.

sky the blue fairy
Sky The Blue Fairy
  • Sky has lost her color. But Why? You’ll have to read to find out. Jack frost is taking order. Also read the next fairy books.
inky the indigo fairy
Inky the Indigo fairy

A magical book sweeps Rachel and Kristy away to the land of sweets. Could Inky the indigo fairy be waiting for them there??

heather the violet fairy
Heather the violet fairy

Fairyland was almost doomed to be gray forever. Now there's only one last sister to find, Heather the Violet Fairy, and Fairyland will be saved. Will the magical merry-go-round lead Rachel and Kristy to the final fairy? The tradition of magic and adventure continues in the series' seventh book.